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5 Crucial Tips for Workplace Safety

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Every year, around three million accidents occur in the workplace. Even one workplace accident can have huge ramifications for your business. If you are deemed to have not taken adequate precautions to protect your workforce, you could be liable for medical bills, compensation, and loss of earnings.

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How can you ensure your office and warehouse premises are safe working environments? Follow these five essential workplace safety tips to protect your workforce and your business from workplace injuries.

Invest in Training Programs

Continuous investment in employee training programs will ensure everyone is working to the best safety practices in the industry. No matter what processes are being carried out, whether it is injection molding or process heating, details on the safest industrial practices should be conveyed to new hires before they begin work. These practices should be periodically revisited and refreshed for existing employees.

Carry Out Physicals Where Necessary

Some accidents occur simply because an employee was not up to the physical demands of the job. If the position requires certain physical demands, screen new hires with a physical examination to safeguard against workplace accidents.

Inspect All Vehicles Regularly

Driving-related accidents are among the most common workplace accidents. Driving accidents alone cost businesses $60 billion a year. The best way to minimize driving-related injuries is by regularly inspecting all vehicles in the fleet and undertaking vehicle repairs as soon as a problem develops.

A monthly check should include brake lights, turn signals, tire pressures, oil levels, and windscreen wiper function. All vehicles should also be fully serviced every twelve months, during which time any mechanical faults should be highlighted and fixed.

“Proper training should be given when you start a job, as well as periodically afterward in some cases to ensure your skills are up to scratch. If you’re injured at work because you haven’t been given the correct training, your employer is liable, and you are able to claim compensation. If this has happened and you’re wondering what to do or what to expect from a workers comp claim, do some research online or speak to a workplace accident lawyer for more advice. You should be completely capable and feel confident in your role.” – Handy Tips For Happiness, Health and Safety at Work

Encourage Regular Breaks

Tired employees are far more likely to have an accident in the workplace, particularly if they are driving or handling heavy machinery. Encourage regular breaks to ensure nobody is working uninterrupted for long periods of time.

Research also indicates that employees that are granted regular breaks are also more satisfied and productive in their roles.

Employees should receive a 15-minute break every three hours. They should also be encouraged to take their full vacation time and receive sick pay. Employees that do not receive sick pay are more likely to push themselves into coming to work sick. A sick employee is more likely to make mistakes that could put other employees in danger. Help your employees take care of themselves and they will take care of your business by reducing the number of accidents.

Identify and Remove All Hazards

An orderly workplace is a safe workplace. Keeping work areas clear from debris and footpaths clear from obstruction is essential for keeping accidents to a minimum.

Also, identifying areas that are of particular hazard will also alert employees to the dangers of certain pieces of equipment or processes. If there are any particularly dangerous areas or machinery, there should be signs nearby advising of the dangers and risks associated with it.

By following these five tips, you can work to minimize workplace accidents and the costs they bring with them. Not only is this a wise business investment, but it also helps your staff feel satisfied and valued. If they feel their safety is of paramount importance, they will be more productive and value the job more than if they feel they are poorly treated and vulnerable to an accident.

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