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Handy Tips For Happiness, Health and Safety at Work

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It makes sense for your employer to care about your health and happiness. Happier workers mean more productive workers which is beneficial for them, plus it’s likely to mean less sick days and better workflow in general. Employers know they’re liable for your health and safety, and have strict rules in place to protect you when you’re at work- however, things can sometimes go wrong. Here are a few things you can do which will benefit both you and your employer.

Improve Your WorkSpace

Ergonomically designed workstations will help to reduce back, neck, and wrist strain. They will allow you to stay comfortable while you’re working and cut the risk of you needing time off due to strain injuries. Enough light is also important- harsh fluorescents can cause headaches and eye strain. Daylight bulbs are a far better option, or even better still- move desks to be closer to windows. Natural light is a mood booster, meaning you’ll be far happier at work. Adding living plants to your desk and office is another easy change you can make.

Studies have shown time and time again that plants boost mood and improve productivity, especially in the workplace. Make sure walkways are kept clear, and fire exits aren’t blocked. All it takes is one careless mistake to risk your life or cause a serious accident, so you and your employer must stay vigilant.

Employers know they’re liable for your health and safety, and have strict rules in place to protect you when you’re at work- however, things can sometimes go wrong.

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Become a Chaplain To Support Employees

As a chaplain, you will offer support to employees during difficult times. You will be a sounding board for them and offer guidance and support when they need it most. In addition to providing emotional support, chaplains also play an essential role in promoting employee morale and retention.

If you are wondering How Do You Become a Chaplain, you should keep a few things in mind. First, you should have a deep understanding of the needs of employees and how to support them best. Second, you must be able to build strong relationships with employees and gain their trust. Finally, you should be comfortable working with different people from all walks of

Get Kitted Out

Certain workplaces will require you to wear various items of protective clothing. On building sites, for example, a ‘PPE’ consisting of a hard hat, a high visibility vest, and steel toecap boots are all essential. In certain factories, you might need special gloves, ear protection, or eyewear. Whatever it is, make sure you have the right gear and equipment for the job, and that it’s being used or worn correctly every single time. Getting lax or lazy could lead to a life-changing accident.

Get Properly Trained

Proper training should be given when you start a job, as well as periodically afterward in some cases to ensure your skills are up to scratch. If you’re injured at work because you haven’t been given the correct training, your employer is liable, and you are able to claim compensation. If this has happened and you’re wondering what to do or what to expect from a workers comp claim, do some research online or speak to a lawyer for more advice. You should be completely capable and feel confident in your role.

“As David Rowland, Head of Marketing at Effective Software, says; “Directors must have an understanding of the role safety performance plays in the performance of their business. In accepting corporate responsibility for health and safety, directors need to be proactive in developing a positive safety culture for their workplace. In the long-term this leads to an internal cultural shift that can have an indirect impact on external brand affinity and brand loyalty.” “

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Ask About The Risks

People can be wary about asking their boss about the risks of the job, but it shouldn’t be this way at all. At the end of the day, this is your health so it is something that always needs to be taken seriously. When you’re doing a job, you need to be aware of what issues this could cause you later down the line. Whether it’s a burning kitchen, dangerous chemicals in a factory or the risk of falling boxes in a warehouse, it pays to know exactly what the risks are so you’re able to avoid them.

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