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4 Weird And Wonderful Skills Nurses Need

Being nurse seems like it is cut and dry. To be good at the job, you need to be patient, understanding and have an encyclopedic knowledge of medicine. All of the latter are vital skills which make the life of a nurse ten times easier. However, they are by no means the end of the road. As funny as it sounds, medical professionals often use transferable skills to get them through the day, the type you would find in any office. Seriously, making an excellent cup of coffee can be the difference between life and death.

Here are four weird and wonderful skills nurses need to be successful.

Customer Service

“Hello, is that H&M?” “No, this is the hospital, and you have the wrong number!” Okay, so that rarely happens, but it doesn’t mean customer service reps and nurses share similar qualities. For one thing, nurses are the face of the company and work at the front desk. When a patient’s family comes to visit, they have to take their details and find the relevant person. And, they have to do it with a smile on their face. Also, nurses are the first port of call for any complaints. So, you will need to learn how to put out fires (not literally) and find solutions to customers’ problems.



An average SMB doesn’t have the resources to hire staff. Therefore, it cuts down on labor and forces the current team to shoulder the responsibility. Can you see the connection already?! Hospitals and surgeries are understaffed yet have thousands of patients needing treatment. Dealing with one at a time would cause a backlog, so the nurses have to deal with multiple queries. It may range from providing extra medication to pointing out the location of the café. Still, don’t expect patients and their families to form an orderly line.

A Second Language

One thing they don’t teach you at medical assistant school is a foreign tongue. Why would they? You speak English in an English speaking country. It’s sound logic until a person from abroad comes in who doesn’t speak a word of English. Unfortunately, their friends and family can’t help either. What do you do? Leave him to bleed out on a bed? Of course not – you have to find a solution. Usually, pigeon English will suffice, but it’s better to speak their tongue for assurance purposes. You can’t learn them all so Spanish and French are two to consider.

Ability To Laugh

Blood and guts don’t and shouldn’t encourage fits of laughter. Indeed, a nurse has to be uber-professional in front of patients and their loved ones. However, it’s essential to de-stress and relieve tension too. Sometimes, the work can be demanding and the walls can close in. Having the ability to laugh at the right times is one way to take the pressure off your fragile shoulders. Just don’t get the giggles at inopportune moments.

Every nurse needs the obvious skills to be successful. However, they also need a couple of curveballs to get through the day.

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