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4 Ways Hiring Managers Can Amplify Your Employer Brand

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Your employer brand is a big part of how you demonstrate what your company is all about to those looking to work for you. Employer branding can either make people desperate to work for you or it can make people want to stay away from all of your job postings religiously. You might know that you need a good branding message for your consumer outreach needs, but you also need to brand your company correctly on the employer side of things.

Hiring managers can be key to a good branding message and how it is delivered to those looking to work with your company. If you have been struggling to get new talent hired, you might need to consider that your hiring manager might not be doing all the right things to meet your branding goals. Your hiring managers need to know what your goals for your brand are and stick to the roadmap for success in order to secure great hires for your needs.

If you want to learn more about the ways that your hiring managers can amplify your employer brand, you need to read on!

Ways Hiring Managers Can Amplify Your Employer Brand

Hiring managers are the final word on many hiring decisions and they often do not see all the details or information about the people that are being considered for a job before they have reached the final stages of the hiring process. This can lead to issues with brand messaging as well as consistency of hiring experience that can hurt your brand’s reputation. Hiring managers need to know how to make your brand message stand out loud and clear to new hires and potential hires alike.

1.       Hiring Managers Can Rally the Team

Your hiring managers need to know what the goals are for your entire recruiting team and they need to help everyone stay on track and inspired. Being sure that your hiring manager knows what branding goals are necessary to find the right talent can help them to deliver reminders, support, and guidance for those engaged in earlier stages of the outreach process.

Hiring managers can be key to a good branding message & how it is delivered to those looking to work with your company. You might need to consider that your hiring manager might not be doing the right things to meet your branding goals.Click To Tweet

A unified hiring team will perform much better for your company branding efforts overall and you should make sure that your hiring managers are clear about the goals of your brand for hiring and outreach. Potential new hires can be scared off by inconsistencies in the hiring experience as they pass through stages of the process. Make sure that these bottlenecks do not impact hiring by putting your hiring managers in charge of the workflow within the team.

2.       They Can Make the Branding Message Clear

You need to be sure that your recruiting team knows just what to say and offer to potential new hires. Your branding message might be based on ethical work that benefits communities, or advancement inside the company, or a blend of many different elements. You need potential new hires to be aware of these facets of your business as soon as they start to interact with your hiring team.

If your branding message is not clear within the outreach that is being offered to potential new hires, you need to have your hiring manager help to fix this error. A hiring manager will have a higher-level understanding of what your employer brand is and they can help course correct for the kinds of outreach that need to be taking place to hire skilled people.

3.       Have Your Hiring Managers Involve Themselves

Hiring managers should never just be ivory-tower dwelling workers who do not get their hands dirty with the nuts and bolts of the hiring process. When your hiring managers are too far from the action, they can forget about the branding efforts that are going on and what the goals of your company are supposed to be. Hiring managers who take care of all of the steps of the hiring process will feel more committed and genuine within the framework of your branding messaging.

If you make sure that your hiring managers are involved in every step of the hiring process and that they are watching over the actions of the whole team, you will get better results for your work. Hiring managers are by nature really effective people who can be trusted to elevate your branding message to new heights. Having them involved in the entire process from start to finish can help to teach other staff new skills and can help to keep the team connected to the branding ideals of your company.

4.       Include Your Hiring Managers in Branding Meetings

If your management team for recruiting does not know what is being discussed in your branding meetings, they cannot hope to stay on point with changes in your branding outreach. Allowing your hiring managers to be involved in the discussions that shape your branding outreach can help them to feel connected to the goals of your branding efforts.

Hiring managers who are included in the discussions about branding changes can also offer value because they have boots on the ground. They know what has been going on with hiring in ways that many people in these meetings would not. Invested hiring managers will always manage teams more effectively and this can be one of the best ways to keep your hiring managers connected with your brand.

Hiring Managers Can Make a Difference to Branding Efforts

Hiring managers can offer support to all stages of the hiring and recruiting process within your organization. If you are not using the expertise of your hiring managers to craft your employer branding outreach, you are missing out. These managers can elevate the work of everyone on the recruiting team and help your company to get access to the best new hires that you have been looking hard for.

Hiring top talent can be easy if you let your hiring managers keep your branding efforts on track and at the forefront of your outreach efforts.

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