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4 Things You Can Do To Stop Covid-19 Harming Your Career

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A lot of people are scared of the axe. With levels of unemployment at staggering heights – 7.9%, or almost 13 million people – you’re not alone if you’re anxious about the future. The fact that the presidential election looks set to drag on doesn’t help, either. All you want is a modicum of certainty in your life!

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Sadly, it won’t fall into your lap. Yes, times are scary at the minute, yet waiting around to hear the bad news will only ruin your mental health. Instead, you should solidify your career by taking the steps below.

This is how to stop Covid from harming your job.

A lot of people are scared of the axe. With levels of unemployment at staggering heights - 7.9%, or almost 13 million people - you’re not alone if you’re anxious about the future.Click To Tweet

Learn Something!

You have plenty of spare time, so you should use it constructively. Learning a new skill will ensure you are further up the pecking order when your employer decides to lay people off to cut costs. Sure, it’s not a nice thought, but you must look after your interests when you have bills to pay and mouths to feed. Plus, during this period, educators and organizations are offering free courses since they understand people can’t afford their usual rates. Combine these two elements, and there are no excuses for failing to learn a skill that will help you keep your job.

Connect With People

As always, networking is the key to a successful career. Without people you can rely on, there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll maintain your position in the company. For example, connecting with the head of HR or the communications manager might mean you learn about developments before anybody else. The early bird catches the worm, especially in a pandemic, because being in front from an information perspective allows you to make quick and informed decisions. For example, you might tell your boss you’re happy to go part-time if you feel redundancies are inevitable.

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Up Your Remote Game

If you see working from home as a perk, your mindset is wrong. You need the same attitude in your home office as in a traditional workspace as anyone who gets too comfortable will begin to slack. Instantly, you put yourself at the front of the line for redundancies and lay-offs. With that in mind, you should concentrate on the small factors that pack powerful punches. Do you wear slacks? Throw them away and buy work dresses or suits to encourage a productive remote work mindset. Also, don’t forget about lighting as working in a cell-like prison environment won’t help your output.

Switch Careers

As weird as it sounds, lots of businesses are hiring during the pandemic, which means you aren’t short of opportunities. However, you have to be willing to pivot to a different industry, and you need to keep your eye on the job’s market to evaluate the positions and throw your hat in the ring. Again, networking will improve your chances of landing an interview, and the role (fingers crossed), as will fleshing out your resume to ensure its present and easy to navigate.

Covid-19 could harm your career, yet if you’re willing to go the extra mile, the odds reduce significantly.

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