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4 Tech Careers to Consider in 2021

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Are you interested in starting a career in tech, but need a little bit of guidance with regards to the industry niche to choose?

Here are just a few top options that could prove to be satisfying and rewarding if you are just starting your career or are looking for a change in 2021.

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Game designer

The video games market is growing rapidly and serves billions of customers globally, so there is always demand for fresh designers and developers to enter this sphere. 2021 will be a particularly important year because both Sony and Microsoft are launching next-gen consoles in late 2020 and players will be clamouring for cutting edge experiences.

Aside from the competitive remuneration and multiplicity of opportunities, becoming a game designer makes sense if you are looking for variety and flexibility. You can work on everything from online casino games built for mobile devices to triple-A multiplayer franchises made for PC and consoles. You can also opt for a career with a small, independent game studio, or get involved with a global corporation, depending on your preferences and skill set.

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There are some aspects of game company culture to be aware of before you dive in; the notorious ‘crunch’ period that lasts weeks, months, or even years in the run-up to a major release is intense and potentially problematic. This is why it is always a good idea to do your research and find out all you can about a prospective employer before you apply for a position.

Data analyst

Data has become the most important asset and currency of the digital age, yet with so much information being generated today, it is crucial for companies to be able to collect, collate and analyze every bit and byte.

This is where data analysts come into play, and again this is a job that can cover a fairly broad range of responsibilities, depending on the organization and of course the seniority of the position.

At the core of most roles of this kind is the need to be able to not only dig down into the data and come to actionable conclusions based on what you find, but also to present this to others in a way that is easy to digest.

Social media manager

While game designers and data analysts will typically be expected to have education and training based around coding and computer science, this is far less relevant in the context of social media management. Instead, people with careers in this area of tech need to be interested in social media marketing and have all sorts of bright ideas about how to optimize the effectiveness of a brand’s promotional efforts in this ever-shifting arena.

From planning entire campaigns and engaging with influencers to responding to customer feedback and fire-fighting in the event of scandals and snafus, there is definitely a good degree of variety that comes with being a social media manager. This is also a job in which writing and communication skills are very important.

App developer

The mobile app marketplace remains buoyant, with trillions of downloads each year stimulating a wide range of enterprises and opportunities for compelling, lucrative careers.

It is entirely possible to develop simple apps on your own, even if it is more stable and secure to work for a company that specializes in this process.

There are also individual areas within app development that you can focus on if you wish. For example, you may be interested in how user interface design is orchestrated to optimize conversion rates in retail apps, and make this your primary objective.

The tech sector throws up almost endless job opportunities and many skills are transferable, so a career here will be appealing in 2021 and beyond.

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