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The 4 Most Profitable Jobs in Real Estate

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Indeed, there are many benefits to pursuing a career in real estate including a flexible work schedule, independence, and personal satisfaction. In addition, careers in real estate usually offer good financial rewards, but the actual amount of money typically varies from one career to another. That said, here are four of the most lucrative jobs in real estate.

Appraisal Manager

The main responsibility of a real estate appraisal manager is to oversee the process of assessing the value as well as the condition of both residential and commercial properties. To fulfill this responsibility, an appraisal manager has to investigate the market value of different types of properties, inspect them, and discharge appraisal duties to his or her junior assessors. An appraisal manager may also oversee all real estate business operations and manage the property portfolio of a real estate firm. Other duties of an appraisal manager include hiring and developing and evaluating employees.

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A home buyer can hire a real estate appraisal manager when he or she wants to determine the market value of his or her target home for the purpose of taxation. However, one can also hire the services of a commercial appraisal manager to get guidance on how to meet various government-housing regulations. In order for one to work as an appraisal manager, a Bachelor’s degree is required in a related field and several years of experience in other real estate careers. The average salary for an appraisal manager is approximately $100,000 annually.

Commercial Leasing Manager

For one to get a job as a commercial leasing manager, he or she must have worked in various positions in real estate for several years. In addition, one must also be familiar with the legal procedures of leasing different types of commercial properties and demonstrate an ability to sell property and manage staff effectively. The main responsibility of a commercial leasing manager is to recruit and retain leaseholders for the various properties owned or managed by a real estate firm.

Property Acquisitions Manager

Holders of this job title are responsible for ensuring that real estate companies meet their sales goals and targets. In order to fulfill this responsibility, property acquisition managers normally create and implement strategies to acquire new clients in order to increase revenue streams. They may also be in charge of determining the type of lease (short or long-term) that a real estate company uses for different properties in order to meet its revenue targets.

Tasked with crucial strategic decisions, these managers not only discern whether the company should venture into new real estate properties, but also assess the viability of purchasing land or property across diverse locations. In this role, annual earnings typically range from $85,000 to $98,000.

Real Estate Trust Manager

A real estate trust manager is normally in charge of managing all operations connected to trust accounts set up by different clients. To fulfill this obligation, these managers design and develop policies that increase the revenue generated through trust accounts. These policies must reflect current real estate trends in trust account management. In most cases, one needs to have worked in real estate management for a number of years in order to qualify for this job.

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In addition to this, applicants for this job must have a good understanding of different accounting methods and have extensive experience in financial management. The average salary for real estate trust managers to be between $100,000 and $110,000 annually.

Overall, even though most jobs in real estate pay quite well in comparison to other industries, not all individuals who have careers get financial rewards that are in the range of the yearly salary ranges discussed herein. The four jobs above are among the best-paying in the industry. For one to qualify for these jobs, their academic and career experience qualifications must be higher than that of other real estate professionals.

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