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Clever And Charismatic? Welcome To The Estate Agent Industry

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Certain careers match certain personality traits and types of people. In the case of the real estate industry, you need to be two things. You have to be clever, and you need to be charismatic. We can look at why each of these traits in turn before examining what your job will be like working to sell houses for a living.


Why do you need to be cunning as a real estate agent? Anyone can sell a home, but anyone can fail to sell a home too. There’s never the guarantee of success here. For instance, it’s possible that you are selling a bungalow that is quite small and compact. That could be a difficult sell, but it’s all about how you market it. It’s not compact, it’s quite cozy and comfortable, perfect for settling down in retirement.

And it’s not just about the spin either. You need to think about the unique features of the home that will make it attractive to buyers. It might be small, but perhaps it’s also in a secluded and peaceful area. That’s going to be perfect for older couples who are looking for a place to settle and enjoy their twilight years.

Certain careers match certain personality traits and types of people. In the case of the real estate industry, you need to be two things. You have to be clever, and you need to be charismatic.Click To Tweet

Of course, sometimes you will be selling a home that has some problems. In old homes, you might have an issue with asbestos that will be an expensive change for anyone thinking about buying. You can read about the issues with asbestos on When you’re selling a property like this, it’s all about approaching the issue the right way. Ideally, you never find out that the house has a problem, and that way you never have to answer any questions about it. This is why you should always be careful about how much info you ask sellers to disclose before you represent their home.


Buyers of properties have to like you if they are going to commit to purchasing a home. You might think that their perception of you doesn’t come into it, but you’d be surprised. There are plenty of buyers who will refuse to purchase a home simply because the estate agent representing it rubbed them the wrong way.

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You have to understand that at least part of your job is charming the buyer into a purchase. How you do this is entirely your choice. But you’ll probably be working on commission. So, if it takes too long to sell a property, you could be looking at some cash flow problems. According to, it is possible to get an advance on a commission, so this should help the situation a little. But you still don’t want to be left with a home that isn’t selling. To ensure that doesn’t happen you’re going to have to charm the socks off at least a couple of buyers.

You’ll also find that you need to charm the sellers too. Don’t forget when they come to you, they’ll be expecting you to pitch them how you’ll sell their home quickly at the right price. If you can’t convince them of this, you’re not going to see much action as an estate agent.

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