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3 Industries Looking To Recruit More Women In 2021

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If you are searching for a job as a woman, you might be aware that despite our progressions, it is still very much a man’s world. Women make up just 4.2% of CEOs worldwide, showing that when it comes to progressing in our careers, women are much less likely to succeed than men. Although the world is becoming more equal one step at a time, progress can feel slow at times. 

There are certain industries that have previously been very male-dominated for sometime, but are beginning to throw open their doors for female recruits. These industries are finding new and innovative ways to give women the equal opportunities they deserve, helping to train and promote women despite their disproportionate numbers to men. 

Finding jobs in 2021 is a tricky business, but if you are a woman, you can rest assured that these three industries want to hire you!Click To Tweet

Here, we will explore three of some such industries. If you are a woman searching for jobs right now, read on to find out more!

1. Trucking

Becoming a truck driver might not be every little girl’s dream, but this job comes with many perks that a lot of people don’t consider. There are thousands of jobs for women in trucking right now, that pay substantially and allow you to see the world from the drivers’ seat all day every day! 

Some of the benefits of becoming a truck driver are…

  • Flying solo. If you are more of a solitary person who isn’t into teamwork, this job is for you. You can listen to your own music, podcasts or audiobooks as you drive along, with no boss in your ear telling you what to do 24/7. Perfect, right?
  • Seeing the world. If you love to travel and see beautiful landscapes, becoming a professional driver lets you do just that. 

If you are a woman who might be concerned about the safety hazards of trucking, it’s good to know that the trucking industry is taking steps in the right direction by putting protective measures in place for women in trucking. There’s never been a better time to do this job as a woman!

2. Engineering

Engineering is an industry that is well-known for excluding women in the past. The engineering industry is now recruiting women at a record rate, providing training schemes and apprenticeships for women who are interested in becoming engineers. In addition, many universities are opening their engineering programs to women by providing scholarships to successful female applicants. This is the perfect time to go into engineering as a woman – go get ‘em, ladies!

3. Construction

Construction is typically very male-orientated, with many women complaining of harassment and belittling from male coworkers. However, construction companies are now taking huge steps to equalising this work environment, by providing sensitivity training, as well as apprenticeship opportunities, for women in construction. Strong, qualified female construction workers are no longer victims of hostile work environments in most cases, paving the way for all young women who want to follow in their footsteps. 


Finding jobs in 2021 is a tricky business, but if you are a woman, you can rest assured that these three industries want to hire you!

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