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Millennials are starting more businesses these days and leaving the regular office routines behind. As the chances of employment are low and many of us are struggling to make ends meet, young professionals out there might be onto something – and they manage to start businesses without having an abundance of savings.

Join the entrepreneur forces and become your own boss as well - you will be a lot nicer to yourself than your previous one, that’s for sure.

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When growing a business is all about making a profit, you can easily approach the idea of starting your own by saving as much as possible. Even if you don’t have much money to save in the first place; these easygoing startup ideas can kick-start you in the right direction without breaking the bank.

Join the entrepreneur forces and become your own boss as well – you will be a lot nicer to yourself than your previous one, that’s for sure.


The Hobby Entrepreneur

Do you love to rummage old bookshops for their outdated but oh-so-charming hardcovers? There are many others like you and, while the book industry is contemplating its future, you can take advantage of the bargains and check out Bookscouter to figure out what buyers are willing to pay for used books. Sell them for half the price on Amazon, for example, and watch your income grow.

Every middle-class person seems to be head-over-heels in love with organic produce and sustainability. Give them what you want and continue to enjoy your gardening hobbies by selling potted herbs and plants; your selling point is that they’re no longer seeds and this should be enough to win people over. Start by selling them to your neighborhood and expand from there. You can also take it a step further if you’re particularly green-thumbed and have some experience with landscaping by offering to landscape your neighbors’ gardens. It’s as easy as drawing up a sketch together with your first clients and agreeing on something they like before getting to work.

“Have you ever thought of having your own business? It is not as scary as it might seem – so long as you go about it the right way, take advice and be prepared to work at it.” – Going It Alone – Starting Your Own Business

Anything you enjoy doing can be turned into a business for peanuts. Make homemade soaps and sell them to your community, walk their dogs, and offer pet-sitting solutions. Starting a business is relatively easy if you have the interest and time; it’s spreading the word and increasing your customer base that tends to require some investments.

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As you’d like to get started as soon as possible – tomorrow, preferably, you should read up on the most important clauses to include in your contract as well making sure your taxes are in order. Get in touch with tax professionals right away if you’re not quite up to date on the system; taxpayers have relied on these lawyers to resolve a wide array of complex tax issues, and your new business will be no exception.

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The Practical Service Provider

Do you have vast experience with cooking, cleaning, painting, or repairing? You can secure a decent income by putting your practical skills to use and offer to do the job regular people dislike. A lot of states will allow you to take on painting projects, for example, without having a specific license and if you start by painting the inside of people’s houses, you don’t need too much equipment either.

A regular cleaning company can also be started by simply offering your services – and stating that the customer must provide the cleaning detergents. Take on window cleaning as well and work your way up cleaning the windows of businesses later on as you need a bit more equipment for this kind of work.

The Creative freelancer

If you have some sort of creative talent, you can launch your very own freelance business without investing any money in it at all. You don’t need any equipment except for your own good head, a decent computer, and a reliable Internet connection – if you’re as broke as any artist out there, work on your portfolio tonight and try to spread the word tomorrow.

Freelancers depend on appearing as professional as possible to land the best kind of clients. If you don’t have any client reviews, complete a project for a friend or a family member and include the, hopefully, positive remarks they have on the site you’re showcasing your work. Photography, writing, designing, knitting, and painting – you can offer any of these services and, with the right amount of talent, you can do it tomorrow.

It should come as no surprise that the businesses you can start for next to nothing are found exclusively online. If you’ve always been dreaming about opening your own store, you can always consider running one from your own home – or even from the garage. With time, you might be able to purchase business premises and look forward to opening the doors of your very own shop or continuing to develop its presence online. Either way, you’ll be in control of your own affairs.

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