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12 Essential Reasons to Embrace Learning and Development

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Education provides stability in life. It helps people become better citizens, get better-paid jobs, and make more informed decisions. It improves your skills and develops your personality and attitude. A good education can lessen your challenges. The more knowledge you have, the more opportunities will open up for you to land a better career. Being a learning and development recruiter can be challenging sometimes, especially in today’s modern work environment. To boost the culture of your organization, recruiters create learning programs, while facilitating remote working.

Importance of learning and development

Training assists the staff learn new skills to improve their own-job performance. Learning and development help maximize human capital development and build leadership skills for a strong executive team. It aligns the goals and performance of employees with that of the organization. Scroll down to know about some main benefits of learning and development and how it impacts employees and an organization.

1. Learning and development keep employees up to date

A recent survey said that 85% of employees feel more motivated when they receive regular updates so it is vital to keep them in the loop. Communication is the key to building trust. You can inform employees about the current happenings through many ways like in-person meetings, video conferences, private group chats, email, or by setting up a company portal.

2. Learning and development give talent opportunities

Investing in learning and development has many positive outcomes, the most important benefit being that it attracts top talent to the company. When an organization strongly supports employee development, a prospect will be more interested to join the company. It is a two-way street; invest in the company and the company will invest in you. Around 59% of millennials feel that development opportunities are important when deciding to apply for a new position and companies that offer such opportunities have 34% higher retention rates than those that don’t.

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3. Learning and development keep the company together

Even when employees are working from different locations, modern learning management systems can maintain unity. This is highly important in today’s world because the work-from-home culture has rapidly increased, especially after covid. With this mass shift to remote working, learning and development teams have become the glue that holds companies together. It helps to facilitate smooth communication and collaboration between employees.

4. Learning is becoming more important

Continuous learning results in continuous growth.  Getting an opportunity to develop new skills and gain knowledge is important for employees, it not only gives them personal benefits by increasing their wisdom but also helps the organization they are working for because, in the end, they will use that wisdom to work and benefit the company.

5. Learning and development increase business values

When a company gets bigger, sometimes they drift away from its core values and beliefs. A vital role of learning and development recruiters in any business is to remind employees and management about these values because if any company sways too far away from what made it special initially, it will have a high chance of crumbling.

6. Learning and development inspire others

When a colleague prospers in their career, it inspires people around them to do the same. People tend to think a goal is unachievable until it is achieved. By maintaining a knowledge-sharing culture, learning and development can be used to create healthy competition and inspire others to achieve greatness too.

Learning and development help reinforce values in employees and reward them when they demonstrate them as actions. When a culture of continuous learning and growth is created, it helps organizations evolve. Education is one of the main reasons we develop as species. It also helps us make advances in important areas like technology and medicine that are vital for human survival. The literacy rate has gone up 4% every five years over the last 65 years.

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