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10 Ways to Enhance Your Career in Project Management

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Project Management is considered a stable and secure career choice because organizations will always implement projects and skilled professionals will always be required to handle those projects.

Most of the individuals enter the profession due to job security, and scope of growth.

There are still many people, who get too comfortable in their job which can make their career stagnant and hit a dead end.

If you are a kind of person who likes challenges but thinks their career has halted, then you must know about the different ways to enhance your career

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If you are a kind of person who likes challenges but thinks their career has halted, then you must know about the different ways to enhance your career:

Here are the 10 ways to enhance your career in project management:

1. Know about the available options

If you are a skilled project manager, then you would get ample of opportunities in your career. You will acquire many transferable skills, and with experience, they will become more valuable which will help to enhance your career further.

If you have the required knowledge and can teach others about your profession and how they can manage their projects effectively, then start consulting others or become a training professional.

Do you like challenges and love to manage multiple projects?

If yes, then go for the program management role. You will love your job of PMO only if you like managing other people.

Therefore, decide accordingly and look for all the available options which can help you to enhance your project management career.


2. Select your industry

It’s an important factor to look for while seeking a new role or promotion. Different businesses need different requirements and experience.

It varies from industry to industry; therefore it’s essential to do some research before choosing a particular industry or sector.

For example, if you want to work in a technical organization such as engineering, then you would need to have a relevant degree in that particular industry.

However, professional qualifications are not always needed, but some enterprises and companies are very strict about it. So, it’s better to choose the industry which matches your qualifications and skill set.

“Project managers oversee all elements of a project. They lead and motivate a team of workers and coordinate their efforts. Project managers also make sure that work flows steadily, despite setbacks and changing circumstances.” – US Bureau of Labor Statistics

3. Have a career development plan

After deciding about the type of role and industry you want to be a part of, it’s necessary to plan the overall career development.

Your plan should not be very long with each point in detailed. All you need to do is list down your personal goals and objectives and the ways to accomplish them efficiently. You can also set deadlines at the end of each plan.

According to a survey, more than 37 percent of the projects fail due to a lack of clear goals and objectives.

To create an effective plan, ask yourself these questions?

  • Are certain qualifications is necessary?
  • Should I get more working experience?
  • Is improving skills important?
  • Do I have the perfect resume?


4. Boost your soft skills

As a project manager, it is expected that you possess strong soft skills. You must have excellent communication, authoritative leader, and problem-solving skills.

These qualities will help you to network at events and also give your best at interviews and conferences.

Your clients, customers, and employers will not work with you if soft skills is an area where you lack excellence.

Therefore, if you think your soft skills are a bit rusty, improve them by attending a course or class. There are plenty of online courses available both online and offline which can enhance your soft skills in no time.

5. Get your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification

Previously, project managers were recruited on the basis of experience alone. But in today’ world, a company or enterprise first verifies a candidate skills before hiring them.

The Project Management Professional Certification has grown in recent years and has become the most important sign of a skilled professional.

If you want to become a verified project manager, it’s important to get a PMP Certification. It is designed keeping in mind of all the necessary facets of project management including planning, risk management, and many more.

According to a report, more than 45 percent of the project management office employees have earned their Project Management Professional certification.

You will also learn to look beyond the problem and identify the best solution method. A professional certification helps you to gain the required knowledge which enhances your career further.

6. Update your Linkedin profile regularly

As the usage of technology and the internet is increasing, it’s essential to have your presence on all the social media sites such as Linkedin, and others.

Employers use these types of sites as a hiring tool; hence it’s essential for you to leverage the benefits.

Linkedin helps you to reach recruiters all over the world. Similar to the paper resume, your Linkedin profile should list your achievements, professional qualification, and many more.

You need to engage with other employers, colleagues, or enterprises on the platform to get the most out of the platform. You can also use the site to share your opinions, views, which can help you to promote as a knowledgeable and trustworthy individual.

7. Build your persona using social media

If you are a project manager, people will expect you to have a strong opinion on industry related topics.

With the help of social media, you can share your expertise, and network with other expert professionals.

There are many social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others which can help you to build a strong online persona.

In Twitter, you can share your opinions in brief and can also involve in the conversations of others.

You can also start your own blog or website if you think you have in-depth knowledge about a particular topic or niche.

Building connections is an important part of any profession irrespective of industries or organizations.

8. Conquer awkwardness while networking

For most of the project management professionals, social gathering and networking can be very uncomfortable. But, it’s important for your growth to attend these types of events as it can provide some new opportunity.

To conquer the awkwardness, firstly attend some small events with very few participants. It will help you to be comfortable in the situation and boost your confidence.

Once you think you can manage attending big networking events, then grab the opportunity and get the best out of it.

While socializing at the events, make sure to contribute to the discussions, and have a strong opinion to tell.

9. Create a reputation for managing risks

As a skilled project management professional, it’s essential to manage and address risk and stressful events. Therefore, whenever a problem arises, like budget management, disagreement with other people, you need to act quickly to resolve these issues and problems.

In fact, the biggest problem of the project managers is managing project cost (49.5 percent), followed by deadlines (45 percent), and communication among team members (43 percent).

Additionally, you need to approach these problems using out of the box thinking to benefits all the parties involved in the issue. It will build trust among the team members which is an important factor for the growth of any business.

10. Take a break

You might get depressed if you think your career is halted and going nowhere. If you no longer love your job, then it can be very difficult to give your best. You would feel trapped in the profession solely to pay your bills and support your family.

Whenever you think that you are stuck at work, remember there is a huge world outside your office. Take a break and go on holidays, and vacations with your loved ones or follow your hobby.

Taking some break helps you to remain positive, which is very important to enhance your career and scale your growth.


Project Management is a very good and secure career option for young individuals, but sometimes the work can be monotonous. In that situation, you need to challenge yourself and take every opportunity to enhance your career further.

It’s important for you to get certified as it will give you an edge over other individuals.

You also need to work across many different industries to get experience. It will help you to handle stressful situations efficiently.

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