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10 Golden Rules for Relocating for a New Job

So you’ve bagged your dream job – congratulations! But, oh no, the job is located in a different city and is not at a commutable distance from where you live right now. It looks like a relocation is on the cards for you, and no doubt your pulse is already racing at the thought of getting packed up and transferred to a new town. Don’t despair though. Moving home doesn’t need to be the big stress that everyone makes it out to be. With some good forward planning and a little guidance, you can take all the stress out of moving to a new place and simply look forward to starting your new job. Here are some golden rules to keep in mind when you are organising your move.

  1. It’s never too early to start: From packing to booking the domestic or office movers for your trip, starting sooner rather than later will pay dividends in the long run.
  1. Little and often: Don’t try to spend a whole weekend sorting and packing your stuff. This will only result in you feeling demotivated and under pressure. Instead, aim to pack one box every day, or sort out one pile of clutter each day, and before you know it you’ll be half way there.
  1. De-clutter first: Just because you have 100 boxes to fill, doesn’t give you license to stack them to the brim with junk. Anything you haven’t used or seen in the past 12 months is probably going to be of little use to you at your new home too, so bin it, sell it or give it away as you see fit.
  1. Pack from the top down: Pack your home from the highest point first. For some this will mean sorting out that attic before tackling more organised spaces, which might sound daunting but will be time well spent.
  1. Pack heavy items at the bottom: Don’t crush your possessions with heavy things on top. Boxes will be easier to lift and move if they are bottom heavy rather than top heavy too.
  1. Pack to the brim: Don’t overfill your boxes so you can’t move them, but do pack them right to the top to avoid them getting crushed when they are stacked up. Fill empty space with lightweight duvets and cushions to keep the box at a reasonable weight.
  1. Pick a great moving partner: Removals companies come in all shapes and sizes, so get some personal recommendations from friends or family before settling on a company. Get at least three quotes and don’t pick on price alone. Value for money is the key, so ensure they are up to the job before giving them the contract.
  1. Move services early: If you rely on things like internet and telephone to do business, or even just to keep in touch with family and friends, give them a moving date as soon as you can. Some of these services require 30 days’ notice, and others will take a week to become active, so the sooner you can let them know the date you will need them from, the more likely you are to get them ready for when you move in.
  1. Visit your new town: Spend some time in your new town if possible, and use this time to scope out things like doctors, gyms and public services.
  1. Ditch things you don’t like: Moving a sofa that you hate hundreds of miles is not sensible. If you don’t like what you have, sell it before you leave and treat yourself to a new item once you arrive at the new house.

Make it a point to involve your home or Office movers in all your moving plans so that there is no room for confusion. It is always better to have a proper moving plan and devise strategies to come up with ideas to tackle problems associated with moving.

Author Bio:
James Harrison works as freelance writer. He regularly contributes write ups to business websites and blogs with most of his writings based on tips for small business set-ups, office relocation services and marketing techniques. In his free time he plays sports mainly soccer and chess. He is also passionate about reading fiction and travelling.

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