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5 Online Jobs You Can Land With Little to No Experience

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In this digital age, there are more and more jobs that involve working online. If you are having trouble deciding on a career, perhaps you should consider one of the online working options. There are jobs available where you go to a workplace every day and others where you can work on your own computer at home.

However and wherever you work online, this could be a chance for a new career, one that offers a whole world of possibilities.

Online Marketing

The advertising world has changed dramatically with the introduction of new technology. Gone are the days when the best way to promote a business was through TV adverts or magazine and newspaper promotions. Now the easiest way to get a brand known and trusted is online, often through social media platforms.

There are jobs available where you go to a workplace every day and others where you can work on your own computer at home. So why not work from home?

Tweet This

For a long time, many large companies ignored social media, but that has changed in recent years. Now there are many businesses that have pages on Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media platforms. Getting a brand known this way is cheaper than any other method, but it can be time-consuming. It needs someone to be keeping a watchful eye, so when a Facebook or Twitter post is made about a company it is replied to as soon as possible, whether it is praise or a complaint.

Leaving customers waiting for days for a response does not create a good impression for any business and will put customers off taking a closer look at the product or service being offered.

Remarks always need to be positive, and you need to know how to interact with people in a pleasant way, even if they are complaining. For some people, spending all day on social media sounds like their dream job, but it’s different from chatting with friends and family. Working in a marketing agency that offers social media management could be worth looking at if you think this could be ideal for you.

Online Support

The owners of online businesses do not just set them up and leave them to run on their own. There is always a support team in the background, ready to help players with queries or problems. Let’s look at online casinos, for instance. Maybe a visitor to the site wants to know how to play a particular game, or they could need help with making a deposit or collecting their winnings. They may want general information, like what the odds of winning on a particular game or what bonuses are available if they join a site for the first time. There are also bingo sites and casinos where you can start to play without depositing any cash, and a new punter might want to know more about how these offers work.

Any support team member would have quite a lot to learn, including how to use Bitcoin or Monero, which are just two of the cryptocurrencies allowed by online businesses. These types of sites are an option worth considering if you would like to start working online.

Online Sales

Selling is not a career suited to everyone, and online sales are no different – except that some people are more successful selling online, as they do not have to meet the customers face to face. Confronting people to try and sell can be too much for some, but online sales remove the embarrassing bits of selling that put many people off.

If you are selling a product online to someone else, they will usually supply you with a webpage and all the necessary information you need to start selling. There are various ways to go about it once you are set up. If you are selling makeup, online parties could be a good idea, as they would be for most mail-order items, such as underwear or household goods.

Selling someone else’s products also gets over the problem of accepting payments online, as this can be a stumbling block. This can be worked around for your own online business by taking payments through such sites as Paypal, as setting up direct credit and debit card payments can be a nightmare and are probably not worth the cost – unless the business grows to a size that justifies such a cost.

If it’s your own site, always remember that good content cannot be underestimated. Reaching your target audience with information that will interest them is always the right way to go. If you are making the product you are selling, such as scented candles or teddy bears, let potential customers know something about the ingredients, and how you make them. Information like this will always be of interest to potential buyers.

If you have never considered sales as your career of choice, you may think differently if you can do it online.

Online Services

The definition of online service is an organization that provides an information service over the internet. There is no end to the subjects that information could be about, from education to law, from health problems to holiday destinations, or from how to boil an egg to how to cook a top-class four-course meal.

Look for any service online and you will find someone that offers it. They include online accountants, online architects, and online shops. It is really only the physical services, such as hairdressing or dentistry that cannot be done online.

Many of the larger companies will have services online that need monitoring for potential problems, especially if customers are making bookings through them, or contact forms need replying to. If you have expertise in a particular area you think could help other people with all that you know, it is worth chatting to companies in your area of expertise to see if you can help with their online services.

Online Forums

Most online forums are run by volunteers with an interest in a particular subject, but that is not always the case. For those with an interest in something, they are a great way to meet and chat with like-minded people, and running a forum or working as its admin can also be made into a source of income.

Forums are also a brilliant way for customers to interact with a business and a good way for business owners to find out if clients are happy and where improvements can be made if they are not.

A forum needs administrators to ensure that only the best content goes online, no abusive language or offensive remarks should be allowed. Contacting some of the larger companies that run a forum for their products could be a way to get into working online.

Ultimately, when you decide to work online there’s a world of options at your disposal.

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