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Why You’re Not Reaching Your Goals

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One of the best seasons for setting goals seems to be the summer, which means that you should be getting your vision board out right now and cutting and sticking everything that you can in relation to the things that you would like to achieve. Sometimes, the best way to succeed is to know how to fail so that you can avoid failure and avoid doing anything that’s going to prevent you from hitting those goals you want to hit. There are so many reasons that you’re not hitting your goals, and you need to be able to understand these reasons so that you can overcome them and move past them

You might be the kind of person who loves vision board quotes and affirmations that they can stick on, or you make me the kind of person who wins it when it comes to their goals. Either way, you need to do what you can to set yourself up for success. If you can understand why you’re not achieving your goals, you can stop these behaviors and start being more positive. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways that people don’t achieve. This way, you can do better.

There are so many reasons that you’re not hitting your goals, and you need to be able to understand these reasons so that you can overcome them and move past themClick To Tweet

Make it Happen

There is no burning desire to make it happen. In life, we have ambitions, and then we have simple dreams. You can turn any daydream into a goal, turn that goal into a plan and make that plan your ambition. If your goals are still fluttering around in the casual daydream stage, there is no burning desire to force this goal into reality. If you’re not reaching your goal, it’s because you’re holding yourself back by not wanting it.

Models, Maps, and Mentors

There are no models, maps, or mentors. To be able to reach any goal you need a model of success. You also need somebody to guide you and give you the feedback that you need to keep you on the straight and narrow. This can be a parent, a guardian, or even just a friend who can help to keep you focused. A map is going to help you to feel like you can achieve anything because it’s going to give you the confidence that you need to achieve it. Without a mentor, you won’t be able to achieve exactly the way you would like to achieve because you have nobody telling you or guiding you on which way to go next.


You have no strategy. A strategy is going to guide your tactics, so whatever you want to do to achieve your goals is your strategy. It has to be effective and it has to be correct. This is where beautiful lists and vision boards come into play. A vision board is going to help you to make your goal map, and each time you hit one of those tiny little steps, take it off and feel that sense of satisfaction.

Setting Goals

You’re setting your goals, but you’re not planning them. Anybody can speak a goal into existence, but how do you plan to get there? If you picture your goal at the top of the tree, and every branch, every twig, and every leaf is your stepping stone to that goal, it makes sense for you to plan it properly. You can plan to start with one branch, and if that branch starts to crack you can step onto each twig which will take you to the next branch, which will take you to a leaf which will take you to another twig. These are all stepping stones and this road is not linear. Planning your goal is swinging through the jungle while hopped up on caffeine rather than stepping gently across the path. 

You didn’t schedule your goals. You have to make time to reach the goals you want to reach. You have to make time to add things to your vision board and decorate it and make it look attractive and appealing. Your schedule should reflect your priorities, and your goals should be your priorities.

Dream Big

You’re not dreaming big enough. We only get one chance to get life right. There is no do-over, there is no trying again and starting from the beginning. Once a year has passed, you don’t get that year back. What if you get to retirement age and you are full of regret because your dreams weren’t big enough when you were young enough to do something about them? Don’t get there. Don’t be that person who wishes they had done something – just do it.

You forgot to visualize the difficulties. It’s wonderful to be positive in your goal planning stages, but if you haven’t planned for things to go wrong then you’re not doing it right. You can plan every step to get you to where you want to be, but you need to have a list of things that could go wrong. Why? It does sound negative, doesn’t it? In fact, it’s the most positive thing you could do because when you write down the things that could go wrong, you can plan how you are going to handle them. You’re not going to be swayed off your pathway by a rock landing on the road in front of you, are you?

Don’t Give Up

You give up too soon. It’s super easy to say what you want to have, and the roads to that goal can feel complicated. Does that mean you should quit? Absolutely not! Instead of giving up, find another way. If you don’t get the results that you expect, figure out a new path to get the results you want. There is no giving up in this game because your ambitions and your dreams are important. There is not one person on this planet who has the right to tell you that you cannot achieve something that you really want to achieve. Never give up on the things that you want, because the only person who’s going to fight for you is you in the end.

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