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Why a Temp Agency Might Be the Answer

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Pencil with "Y" Circled For YesThere is not one person out there that is unaware of how hard jobs are to come by in today’s economy.

Even with a college degree the road to full time employment can be long and difficult. As debates wage over the minimum wage in our country, people are still taking low paying jobs in order to try and make ends meet.

Without any jobs seemingly available, how might one go about finding some sort of employment?


Temporary Agencies

There are agencies in almost every city that help provide companies with temporary workers.

Some companies are large with national chains. Others are locally based. All temp agencies are willing to take on new workers because the turnover in this industry is high. This is due to many temporary workers finding full time employment on their own or eventually becoming a full time employee of a company the temp agency placed them with.

Many temp agencies have contracts with companies in their area.

These companies are usually the ones that are ‘the’ place to work for. Good jobs with good benefits; these are the jobs that everyone wants.

The companies contract with temporary agencies in order to avoid hiring and paying to train employees that won’t fit the company standard.

If a temp worker isn’t right, the company or the employee can part ways without any repercussions. Temporary agencies can assign the worker elsewhere, and then send a new employee to fill the open position.


Is It Right For You?

A temp agency might be right for you if you have had difficulty finding steady employment.

Most temp agencies have a rate of pay higher than minimum wage. These agencies can find companies in your area, or at least within the area you can travel, that may hire you on full time after a period of time.

The agency will provide training, insurance through their umbrella policy, and if you are injured on the job they will be responsible for your care.

If you can travel to many different job sites, you might enjoy the change of scenery.

Exposure to multiple types of jobs can give you new ideas and experiences. You may decide to make a career change if the right employer in a new industry offers you a long term position.


Getting the Job

Most temp workers want to land a full time job.

By following a few simple rules, you can be the temp hired to permanent employee. Treat your time on the job as an extended interview. While you may go to the company expecting to spend only one day, the manager may request you again and again. This is a good sign.

Be polite, take your job seriously, and act as if the position you are in is your full time position. While they know you are a temporary worker, by giving the position your full attention, even one a one day ‘gig’, you will impress the hiring manager.

Temporary agencies fill an important niche.

For people looking for employment, a temp agency can provide relief from the unemployment lines.


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Good luck in your search.

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