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What Your Degree Choice Tells Your Future Employer

With so many different degree options, it is important to think about the future. Employers will look at the type of degree you chose and use that to determine the type of person you are and whether you are suitable for their workplace. It offers them an insight into the amount of work you are willing to put in and the variation of skills you have.

How Employers React to Law Degrees

Law is one of the most difficult subjects, as it takes years to learn and master. A degree in law shows that you are willing to work hard and spend the time learning difficult information. It is a very logical-based subject and requires decision-making skills and the ability to breakdown problems to find a solution. Employers will see you as someone who can handle tasks and are willing to find solutions and research to back up your findings.

However, employers may be worried about the risk of taking them to court. You will know your rights and it puts the employers in a difficult corner. They may also worry that you will argue every step of the way, using research to back up your argument.

How Employers View Engineers

Those who receive engineering degrees show the ability to research and problem-solve. Many engineers look at things in a linear way, which can be a positive and negative. This is a factor that employers will take into account.

Engineering shows the ability to work hard. The subject is difficult, with various programming languages and technologies to master. Employers will see these skills as beneficial for them since you will be willing to find solutions within the company and be an efficient and effective employee. An engineering degree also shows that you can not only work as a team, but also be very productive on your own.

Since engineering is very technical and mathematical based, employers may worry about your communication and people skills, depending on the job role. You may need to communicate with clients or customers to find out an issue or communicate with others in the team when there is a problem.

The View of Education Degrees

Education degrees generally lead to students finding work in schools. They involve various subjects, depending on the area of education. Some degrees are more general, covering the majority of subjects, with the aim to teach at a primary school level.

Employers see those with education degrees as good candidates because they are able to take a complex subject and explain it in a way that makes sense. These individuals usually are resourceful and can back their findings with research. They are also generally friendly and have excellent communication skills, which are perfect for talking to customers or clients.

However, education students with a high level of knowledge may talk down to people without realizing. It takes some time to hone the skills to teach and build up the knowledge. Employers may be worried that not enough life experience has been gained to handle the situations that can arise.

The View of Medical Degrees

Medicine is another difficult subject for students. It takes years to master the craft and then specialize in an area. The benefit of such a difficult degree is showing the willingness to dedicate time to work and take on tasks that are challenging. Medical students generally have the best grades in school and are extremely hard working.

Employers may see individuals with medical degrees as overqualified and could possibly overlook their job applications. It is also possible for employers to worry that these individuals have high goals and expectations, and may look to be hastily promoted.

Before choosing a degree, think of the pros and cons and how employers may view you. You should also do this when completing your CV. If you are not like the average, offer ways to prove that and show off your personality and how you fit into the role.

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