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What Does It Take To Become A Nurse?

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Been thinking of getting into nursing? Such a career can be truly rewarding – every day, you will be helping people in need.

Nurses provide quality assistance to doctors and patients. They assist doctors during procedures such as surgeries and exams. They provide instruction and advice to patients as part of treatment and self-care guidance. Choose this career path by learning about nursing programs, certifications, and licensing required. There are flexible learning opportunities in the nursing field including local course studies through college universities, vocational schools, and online courses.

Nurses provide quality assistance to doctors and patients. Choose this career path by learning about nursing programs, certifications, and licensing required.

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There’s currently a high demand for nurses, making it the perfect time to break into this industry. Here are just some of the key ingredients that you need to succeed as a nurse.

The right personal qualities

The best nurses enjoy being around people and are good at putting people feel at ease. Patience, good communication skills, and empathy are some of the qualities that are usually expected.

Skills such as good time management, attention to detail, and problem-solving are also key when it comes to the individual nursing duties themselves such as checking vital signs, running diagnostic tests, and maintaining records. If you’re organized and naturally inquisitive, you could find that you manage these tasks well.

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A lack of squeamishness is also necessary – and not just around blood. Nurses have to deal with all manner of bodily fluids and you’ll often be getting your hands dirty (not literally as you will have gloves).

Good physical fitness

Nurses can be on their feet for over ten hours a day. Being physically fit is therefore important in order to carry out your job to the best of your ability.

There may even be a general fitness test that you have to complete when applying for the role of nurse. Bad habits like smoking may not look good.


To become a registered nurse, you usually have to complete a three-year degree. There are many colleges that offer nursing courses such as these Grand Canyon University nursing courses. Some of these courses may even be possible to study online.

BSN courses are also available, which can allow you to develop your nursing skills further, including building leadership and critical thinking skills.  

Degrees in this profession are available at technical colleges and are usually at the Associate’s level. Whatever program you take, you must pass the NCLEX-RN exam to get your certification.

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It is important to pick up different skills in order to succeed as a registered nurse. Working in different locations, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities will make this easy. Especially at the beginning of your career, it is very important to gain skills in many fields. As there are several types of nurse care, i.e. geriatrics, critical care, pediatrics, treatment planning, and case management among others, you should understand that each segment has its own rewards and challenges. For instance, critical care nurses must be prepared that a patient’s health can change every minute, so they need to adapt to each situation very quickly. That is why critical care nursing is way more challenging and it takes time to gain that skills and qualities.


Once you have completed your course you will then need to get certified or licensed within your state. This can sometimes involve extra examinations – for instance, some states may require specific coursework or training in topics such as infection control.

Once you have obtained your license you can then start looking for a job.

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Choosing your path

There are a variety of different nursing roles to choose from. Most people start off working in a hospital, but there are many other places where you can find work as a nurse including local clinics, nursing homes, schools, cruise ships, oil rigs, and the military. You could even work as an in-home nurse, visiting patients in their homes and helping them to live comfortably.  

Sites like Nurses 4 America are great places to find vacancies.

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