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A career is not just a job. It’s not just a way to make ends meet. It’s a way somebody chooses to live their life for a significant period of it. Because of this it needs to be protected, and it needs to be protected at all costs. There is nothing wrong with protecting your ability to partake in your profession so you should do all you can to do so.

If your career path is one that leads you, quite literally, down a slippery path then you have to do all you can to protect yourself. By this it is meant that if you work in an area where injuries caused by slippery surfaces are rife, like in a hospital, then you have to protect yourself. You have to protect yourself from slipping in the first place, and there are ways to do so. A very important first step in doing so is to wear the best shoes for the situation. You need to evaluate the soles and heels of the shoes you wear at work to ensure that they are suitable enough for the job. If you wear shoes that are appropriate for the environment you work in you’ll go a long way to stop yourself from falling. And it is pivotal that you protect your physical well being as much as possible because time lost to recuperation means time that could have spent bettering your career is wasted. But it’s not just preventing injury in the first place that helps you protect your career, it’s the way you deal with the aftermath of it. If you ever experience a fall at work then you need to protect yourself financially. Everybody is entitled to seek the case evaluation if they take a tumble that they didn’t cause. If this happens to you should see notes on how you can keep your cashflow, well, flowing during your time off. Showing that you are serious enough to take the necessary steps to getting what is owed to you shows you to be someone who is serious about protecting their career and livelihood.

In this day and age a lot of the old professions are becoming redundant. They are being stopped by the technological advances of today, which can’t be fought. And they are being stopped by offshoring and outsourcing, which can be fought. To protect your career from offshoring and going to other professional overseas you need to constantly prove your worth. You need to keep expanding your skill set. You need to work on your USP — your connection with the customer. You need to be able to make the most out of being culturally aware. Basically, you need to prove why you belong on your career path and why it shouldn’t be shipped overseas.

Career obstacles are always going to be there for you to overcome, that much is certain. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare and protect yourself fully when you come to overcoming them. It’s your career. It’s your life. You have every right to protect it.

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