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Wake Up Your Talents: Ways to Make Your Passion for Creating Art Into a Profitable Career

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Do you have a talent for art and a passion or it? Do you often refer to yourself as an artist? Do you find yourself wishing that you could turn your painting, sketching nor drawing hobby into a career? Here are some ideas on how to take a fun pastime like sketching, painting and coloring, and turn it into a life’s career in art.

Be Creative

The simple truth is, creativity breeds creativity, so the more creative things you do, the more inspired you will feel, whether you’re going to your favorite art gallery, listening to a great symphony or using the Coloring Book for Me & Mandala. (You can learn more about it here.) Creativity should not just be used for your art, it should be your way of life. Trust your inner creative power and let it shine out.

Take Internships

If you are in art school, take as many internships as you can before your graduate. Don’t wait until after the fact, it’s better to get some under your belt before you leave college. Get experience in galleries with behind the scenes work like marketing, selling and handling. This will stand you in good stead later when you’re beginning to sell your own work.


Get Commissions

Art collectors all over the world are always looking for something unique. Having artists create a special piece just for them is an appealing way for them to add to their collection. When you get a commission you will have to collaborate with the client and base your work of art on his or her specifications. As well as using your creative skills, in this case, you will also need to draw on your communication skills and provide excellent customer service.



Sometimes you just have to get out of the studio and interact with others. networking with artists, buyers and writers will be beneficial for your career. You won’t sell a single thing unless you draw attention to your art. Mixing with other artists can get you introduced to people who are interested in buying art. Meeting writers can get you publicity in magazines, papers and online.


When you open a gallery you must treat it like a business. That means planning a budget, marketing your creations and drawing buyers. You can also rent space to other artists to help you with the costs. If you cannot afford to rent a space just yet, have exhibitions in your own home. Invite people to an opening either in a designated are of your home, or display your art throughout your living space.

If you do decide to make your passion for creating art into a profitable career, bear these tips in mind. You can also make your art profitable by applying for grants or art residencies. There is a myriad of opportunities out there, just be prepared to beat the competition by making your art stand out above the rest.

Katherine Daniels would never call herself an artist, but she does enjoy ‘dabbling’ with watercolors and sketching in her free time. She gets a good response to her work and started selling prints last year.

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