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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Amazon Flex Delivery Driver

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As a global leader in e-commerce, Amazon is a brand that knows a thing or two about home deliveries.

It also has a handle on the peaks and troughs in demand for its services, which is why it has rolled out Amazon Flex both to keep customers happy and to tap into the growing trend for freelance couriering that is riding high right now.

If you want to become a delivery driver as part of the Amazon Flex scheme, there are a few things you need to know, and some considerations to keep in mind, so here’s a quick guide to bring you up to speed.

Checking the delivery driver job options

When working as an Amazon Flex delivery driver, you actually have a couple of different job types available to you.

First, you can pick up Prime Now delivery duties, which require you to deliver items swiftly in a shorter timeframe and within a specific geographic area. This provides higher rates of pay, and also allows you to earn tips, but has the downside of being a more time-sensitive role which has added pressures and expectations.

Alternatively, you can choose Amazon Logistics (AMZL) jobs, which feature more variety in terms of the timeframes for delivery, as well as the opportunity to deliver over greater distances. Tips are rare or non-existent in this context, which may be a bug bear for some.

Meeting eligibility requirements

In order to get approved as an Amazon Flex delivery driver for either Prime Now or AMZL jobs, you’ll need to hit a few criteria as an individual.

First, you’ll need a smartphone that either runs iOS 13 or later if it’s an Apple device, or Android 6.0 or later if you prefer Google’s mobile ecosystem.

If you want to become a delivery driver as part of the Amazon Flex scheme, there are a few things you need to know, and some considerations to keep in mind, so here’s a quick guide to bring you up to speed.Click To Tweet

The device will also need satellite navigational abilities, as well as a camera for the purpose of scanning barcodes on the packages you handle.

Next, you need a vehicle, which of course needs to be your own ride, since Amazon won’t supply you with one.

Compacts are not enough; your car must have at least four doors and fit into the sedan category or larger. You can even use this vehicle to earn more money on top of your Amazon flex pay.

Of course, if you own a full-blown commercial vehicle like a van or truck, then you can carry more items and make more money via Amazon Flex.

Last, you need to be at least 21 years old and go through a basic background check before Amazon will approve you. This check will encompass any criminal record you might have, as well as your history behind the wheel, so be prepared to wait a few days for this to be processed.

Signing up

The Amazon Flex app, or the full-blown desktop website, is where you’ll need to go to get registered and supply the required information before being approved.

This is similar to many other online job application processes, so be prepared to hand over personal information, and also to check out training videos that will instruct you on how to handle the various aspects of the role.

If all goes well, you could be approved in less than a week. At this point you’ll need to choose a shift to work, also known as a ‘Delivery Block’. This can be between two and six hours in length, and can be on any day of the week you prefer.

From here on out, you can use the Flex app on your mobile to claim delivery blocks, complete the work you are assigned, and get paid, with earnings issued bi-weekly.

So there you have it; working as an Amazon Flex delivery driver is easier to achieve than you might think, and now is a great time to get started as e-commerce keeps expanding.

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