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Tried & Tested Tips to Help You Focus at Work

We all need a bit of help in the middle of the week, especially when it comes to recharging our brainpower. Hours in front of the computer, stuffy office air, and constant distraction makes an already lengthy Thursday feel so much longer – and all you manage to do is to make kickass dinner plans for the weekend.

Use these tips to boost your concentration throughout the day, and you might be able to squeeze in a bit more work before heading home. It just makes it a bit easier to keep it going on Friday too.

Phones are distracting

Rule number one to boosting productivity is to switch your phone off – or just stack it away until lunchtime. They are massive concentration drainers, and you’ll just be tempted to check those notifications whenever your mind starts to wonder.

It’s a dangerous combination, as all those little likes and messages you receive kick some endorphins, the reward hormone, into your system whenever you feel tired.

So the threshold for allowing yourself to be distracted will be a bit lower the next time – and even lower the time after that, creating a loop in your head where every distraction becomes a reward.

Do yourself a favour and get it out of your sight and mind right away. You don’t need it when you’re trying to work, in any way, and those notifications will still be there in a few hours.

Mornings give you energy

How you feel in the morning could determine your energy level by lunchtime. A lack of sleep is an excellent way to sabotage your productivity at work, and it’s not really healthy for you either.

Put some effort into getting enough sleep and prepare your mornings by assembling a work ‘uniform’ the evening before to make it easy for yourself. Pair Dickies 872 with a white shirt and a cardigan, for example, and keep the theme rolling throughout the week.

Eliminate as much of your stress and worries as possible, and your mind will be free to focus on whatever you have in front of you. The key to keeping it up when you’re on a roll is to take regular breaks outside, hydrate sufficiently, and use caffeine in controlled portions as explained below.

Be smart about coffee

Coffee is a great way to boost your brainpower a bit and stay sharp, but it ‘s easy to feel jittery after one cup too many. Try to opt for a healthy juice instead and raise your blood sugar a bit, have a snack, and save your second cup for after lunch.

There are coffee hacks to test out, by the way, if you want to be really clever about your caffeine consumption. The half-life rule is quite simple even though the lack of cups throughout the day is quite disappointing with one per 48-hour being the ideal amount.

Have a talk with your boss about telecommuting if the office noise is keeping you from focusing as well as you should be able to. That way, you’ll be able to work in the peace and quiet of your own home.

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