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10 Must-Have Tech Skills for College Success

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Going to college is a challenging journey that requires academic success, application completion, and essay writing. Although some individuals may gain valuable experience before attending college, crucial skills may not be learned or improved. Furthermore, limited resources and a lack of proficient teachers may hinder high school students’ exposure to top tech skills. If you’re pursuing a higher degree, here are the essential tech skills you need for success.

Basic Office

In the past, “office” referred to WordPerfect, Excel, and PowerPoint, each with its own purpose: writing, stats and number crunching, and presentation. College students are recommended to familiarize themselves with similar software since professors may require reports and homework to be typed or presented.

Getting to college is a journey. A student must do well in classes, fill out applications and write essays, etc. In some cases, high school students may have access. If you’re headed toward a higher degree, here’s what you need to know to succeed.Click To Tweet

Search Engine

Misconceptions about search engines are common. Some people confuse the term “Google” with “the Internet,” unaware that Google is merely a search engine that helps people locate information on the web. Therefore, it’s vital for students to understand the role of search engines and feel confident using them to find information. In addition to popular search engines like Yahoo and Bing, students should also familiarize themselves with university-specific databases like JSTOR to maximize their research capabilities.

Online Tools

Students must grow familiar with and engage in related technology, such as attending online seminars, video conferencing with professors and peers, and using multimedia to enhance learning or compose assignments. In some cases, entire degrees are earned ‘online,’ which means the student is totally reliant on their ability to learn and use software, apps, etc. It is worth using a VPN at school as an online tool.

Typing and Editing Skills

Typing is a basic skill that most college students possess, but only a few are proficient in navigating, editing, and using advanced features of typing software. To succeed in college, it’s crucial to be an efficient typist and have knowledge of advanced features. To improve your typing skills, you can test and develop your abilities using Typisto.

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Online Communication

In today’s digital age, online communication is crucial for college students. Attending virtual seminars and video conferences with professors is common practice, and students must be proficient in sending and receiving emails while maintaining professionalism when composing messages. In addition, some courses may require students to create their own websites, engage in online forums, or comment on class-related content, which requires time and effort to learn.

Security Awareness

As technology usage increases, so does the risk of vulnerability. A decade ago, identity theft was rare, but now it’s becoming more prevalent, especially with students who use online resources for purchases and dating sites. Therefore, it’s crucial for students to be aware of the risks involved and safeguard not only their information but also their peers’ and professors’ information.

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Free Resources

To enhance their academic work, students may need statistics or images as supplemental materials. However, it’s important to know where to legally source such resources. Using an image without permission from the owner or webmaster is illegal. Thankfully, there are numerous websites that offer free-to-use images and other resources.

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