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Interior design is one of the most high-paying and in-demand jobs right now. If you want to break into the interior design industry, you have to learn a trick or two. You have to know that interior design is so much more than just thinking and planning about a home’s interior space. Here are the top career paths that interior designers can take to make sure that they can rise above the competition. 

How to Start a Career as an Interior Designer

  • Educational Foundation: Begin by pursuing a degree or certification in interior design from an accredited institution. This provides the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to start your career.
  • Build a Portfolio: Create a strong portfolio showcasing your design projects, including before and after photos, design concepts, and final implementations. This portfolio is crucial for impressing potential employers or clients.
  • Gain Practical Experience: Seek internships or entry-level positions in design firms to gain hands-on experience. Real-world projects enhance your skills and understanding of the design process.
  • Develop a Niche: Specialize in a specific area of interior design, such as sustainable design, commercial spaces, or residential homes, to stand out in the market and attract targeted clients.
  • Master Software Tools: Learn to use industry-standard design software, such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Adobe Creative Suite, to bring your design ideas to life effectively and professionally.
  • Stay Updated on Trends: Keep abreast of the latest interior design trends, materials, and technologies. Continuous learning is key to staying relevant and innovative in your designs.
  • Network: Build connections with professionals in the industry, including other designers, architects, and suppliers. Networking can lead to collaborative projects and new opportunities.
  • Understand Business Principles: Learn basic business and marketing skills to manage your design practice effectively, including client relations, budgeting, and project management.
  • Get Certified: Consider obtaining certification from recognized design organizations. Certification can enhance your credibility and attract more clients or better job offers.
  • Launch Your Brand: Create a personal brand and online presence through a professional website and social media. Showcasing your unique style and projects online can help you gain visibility and attract clients.

Career Options in the Interior Design Industry

If you want to jump-start your career in interior design, you must first obtain a degree in interior design from schools such as the American International College. Then, you have to receive accreditation from the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) or the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). Once you have all these, you can choose from these career options: 

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As an individual with a degree in interior design, the top career option for you is to become an interior designer. Your primary role is to create beautiful interiors for houses, condominiums, offices, and commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels, and even schools. To be successful, you have to bring in a streak of creativity. You must have a clear understanding of color theory and remain up-to-date on the latest trends in interior design

Kitchen Designer

If you want to have a specific field of expertise, being a kitchen designer is an option for you. You will be primarily responsible for creating the design aesthetics of kitchens while keeping the functionality a top priority. In most cases, you will be working with architects and contractors to identify the kitchen floor plan to ensure that the design can work seamlessly with other building factors. If you want to become a kitchen designer, you have to understand how the kitchen’s temperatures can affect your decor. You must also factor in future maintenance needs since kitchens can often become busy, and frequent upkeep may not be a welcome idea. 

Furniture Designer

It is pretty common nowadays to see interior designers working as furniture designers. When you become a furniture designer, you will work with either the client or suppliers. If you want to work with clients directly, you may receive offers to design and arrange furniture in their homes, offices, showrooms, and other areas to allow them to maximize the use of their space. If you, however, prefer to work with suppliers, your main task would be to come up with designs that will be sold to clients by the suppliers. 

“The world of interior design is as fickle as fashion in terms of the ever-changing trends of the industry. Therefore, it is imperative that you’re always aware of the latest design trends that are becoming popular.When it comes to impressing potential clients or employers, you need to know what is going to be popular tomorrow; what someone had in their home last week is likely to be of little relevance in such a fast moving sector.”

Lighting Designer

Do you know why they say a lighting design can change a space’s ambiance and overall feel? If yes, then you may have a career as a lighting designer. But before you trek this path, you have to know the fundamentals of wiring. You can also work with a qualified electrician so you can make sure that your lighting design can accommodate the needed lighting load. Your work may also involve decorating light fittings and other fixtures. If you want to be successful, you must stay on top of the latest technology in lighting.

Exhibition Designer

If you feel that your design aesthetics go beyond confined spaces, then you may want to try being an exhibition designer in which you will work on layouts and design schemes of exhibition halls. Since exhibition designers need to come up with a unique yet compelling design for each of their projects, you are also required to know about custom-built designs and floor management. It will help if you know CAD and Adobe Suite programs. 

Words of Advice

To be successful in interior design, you have to give value to your clients’ needs and wants while making sure that you are not compromising your creativity. It would also be best to train under an experienced interior designer before you start your independent journey towards interior design.

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