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Top 8 Fastest-growing Jobs in the Healthcare Sector!

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According to the US Bureau of Labor, some of the highest paying and fastest-growing jobs in the industry belong to the healthcare sector in recent years. From practitioner nurses to surgeons, healthcare professionals are climbing the ladder of success.

This is because the healthcare industry offers an admirable and secured job, and managers play a critical role at all professional levels. With competitive salaries, advanced technology, and multiple job options, the industry has indeed become a center for job opportunities. It is all set to witness a much quicker clip than the average market.

Moreover, the perks of being a part of the healthcare sector do not end here. There are so many profiles in the said industry that can offer better futures, elevated compensation, the scope for advancement, and elevated work-life balance.

Therefore, if you are considering being a part of such an industry but aren’t sure which profile to choose, we have got something in store for you. Keep reading to learn about the top 8 fastest-growing job opportunities in the healthcare industry. Let us take a quick look at them!


With an average salary of around $142,830 and projected growth of 19% in the upcoming years, prosthodontists are gaining insane popularity in the industry. These dental specialists are known for building oral prostheses that are used in replacing missing teeth. These replacements help improve a patient’s appearance and restore their ability to speak, eat, and smile confidently. The professionals are trained to work with dental implants, bridges, dentures, crowns, and manage disorders related to the jaw and many more.

Speech-language pathologist

Believe it or not, many Americans, especially the kids, have a hard time speaking; chewing and eating require immense effort. That is where speech-language pathologists work to help their patients. With an average salary of $74,000, these medical professionals work with individuals who are suffering from brain injuries such as dyslexia or hearing loss. They also work best to treat and improve speech, swallowing, language, and communication disorders.

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Registered Nurse and practitioner

Nurse practitioners are creating insane demand in the industry due to the aging population. During hospital stays, patients are more likely to spend time with the nurses, which makes them an integral part of the sector. These registered and trained nurses are responsible for tracking patient’s status, adhere to their needs, and monitor their condition during their stay.

Nurses are well trained and versed in the concepts of healing and medicine. Their Nurse coach teaches them how to combine both of them and enter into a zone where all they want to do is take care of a patient. Their growth is estimated and projected to be around 16% which is a considerably impressive number if you think about it. So, if you are passionate about learning how to heal people by taking care of them, this is definitely a perfect career option for you.


Optometrists enjoy an annual salary of around $113,010, and the growth of their job profile is estimated to be around 27%. They are responsible for diagnosing and treating visual and eye conditions. They also help their patients suffering from significant issues such as glaucoma and are licensed to prescribe corrective lenses to keep those issues under control. In order to call yourself an optometrist, you will have to complete a bachelor’s and a four-year degree in optometry program.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

Now you might be thinking that you already know about dentists. Right? However, oral and maxillofacial surgeons are different from regular dentists. They undergo an additional training program related to facial surgeries and are trained to deal with problems related to mouth, jaw and even administer a face-lift. These medical professionals are also capable of administering and diagnosing cancer.


Undoubtedly, anesthesiologists rank on the top of the list of highest-paid medical professionals in the healthcare industry. They are trained to administer drugs that help the surgeons with painful treatments and procedures without making their patients feel any pain or discomfort.

According to industry experts, anesthesiologists are also responsible for monitoring a patient’s symptoms, critical life, and recording vital signs. This process is done before, during, and after every surgery. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that the profession is stressful and plays a vital role in the healthcare sector.


Medical specialists dealing with and treating the problems that affect the feet or lower legs are known as podiatrists. They are trained to treat and heal the injuries and complications that usually occur due to health issues such as diabetes. These professionals are commonly known as podiatric physicians.

These medical experts are trained to reset broken bones, prescribe drugs, order lab tests, and treat conditions ranging from ingrown nails to fractures and sprains. In fact, they are also capable of performing some vigorous surgeries on feet and ankles.


Prioritizing mental health is more important now than ever. According to a recent report, every 1 in 5 Americans is currently dealing with mental problems such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and many more. Moreover, that is the reason why psychiatrists are high in demand. These medical professionals are the one who attends to a patient’s mental health and provides necessary solutions to treat the disorders with the help of a combination of methods.

Bonus Point: Information security analysts

Technology is everywhere, and the healthcare sector is no exception to it. As technology advances, the need for information security analysts is leaving at a really colossal rate. Basically, they are responsible for keeping the information related to patients, their history, and financial records safe from hackers. A career in cybersecurity and merging it with the healthcare sector can be beneficial for the professionals and the organization.

To sum it all up!

The Healthcare sector has a lot to offer to individuals seeking a career in the industry. From being a nurse to becoming a renowned surgeon, the options are endless. So, choose the one that suits you best and do your bit for the patients by being the frontline warriors.

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