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Top 7 Helping Tools to Craft an Online Course

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The trend of online courses has increased in recent years. People love to learn all the things from the internet instead of going to the institutes.

Since the tendency of online learning is increasing, the tutors are also trying to speed up their work and upload the videos for the learners. It is also a big source of income for them as they get money in return.

But the problem is that many new instructors don’t have an idea of how they could start this process. Although they make efforts on making craft content or generating long videos but still fail to seek the attention of the audience.

The main reason is that they don’t know the tactics that could help them in making an attractive video. They don’t use video-making tools to make the video which ends up reducing the worth of the content.

Why Use Tools For Crafting Online Courses?

Crafting a course is not a difficult task. You can make it using a mobile phone or on your laptop. But the actual thing is to edit the video and content and make it more charming.

Suppose you record a simple video using your camera. The quality of the video may be quite good but it may reduce the worth because of less editing.

Similarly, if you write lengthy content for the learners but it is full of mistakes, it would never help you engage the readers for a long time.

To make it more engaging and informative for the audience, it is quite important to use the tools that could help you generate an appealing online course.

Tools that could help in crafting the course

Users can get a lot of tools that could be helping in making a graceful video and keep the audience engaged. By using these tools they can increase the traffic on their page.

In this article, we are going to talk about the top course crafting tools. These tools help you write content and make an engaging video.

For writing course

If you are uploading the content on your website and teaching the topics via writing, then you will need some writing tools. Here are the best online writing tools that users can use.

1.     Online Notepad

To start writing the content and making its outlines, you will surely need a platform where you can write all the ideas about the topic.

Since you can’t write the content of the course on a paper, you can go for an online notepad. This tool provides a lot of facilities to the users.

A person can change the text size, style, and color using this online tool. Moreover, one can also make headings and give an attractive look to the content.

All these elements are necessary for writing engaging content and you can avail of them in this online tool.


2.     Word Counter

Writing lengthy content without any solid reason will make the reader bored. Therefore, you must avoid this element in the course and provide your answer to the point.

To set the limit of content and make it more informative for the readers, it is quite important to go for an online word counter.

The best element of using this tool is that you can check the online word count here and make the content short or long according to the length limit.

This tool also highlights the grammatical mistakes present in the content. So, users can eliminate those mistakes and make it more engaging for the readers.

word counter

For Video Course

If you are making the video course for your audience, you will surely need some extra gadgets. These tools will surely help in making the video more attractive.

Gadgets Needed For Online Course

1.     Microphone

The microphone is an essential element that could help you make the voice clear and avoid extra noise in the video. The viewers will also enjoy learning on your platform as there will be no distraction in the video.

If you start making the video without using this gadget, it will create a mess and the audience will face trouble while taking the lecture.

But when you will use the tool for recording the video, it will make it easy for you to eliminate the extra noise from there.

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2.     Video Camera

The other method that many online tutors apply to make the video is by using the camera. They use a whiteboard where they deliver the entire message and record it using the camera.

It is an easy method of crafting an online video and conveys the message to the audience in the best way.

Online Tools for the Video Course

1.     Screen Recorder

A screen recorder can be another tool that you must use while making the video for an online course. You can convey your message in a better way by using this technique. Let’s discuss in detail how it is possible.

So, when you are trying to deliver the message without explaining the reasons, it would be difficult for the audience to understand your message easily.

But when you use the examples on your screen, it will make it easy for everyone to learn the topic and reach its depth.

2.     Video Editor

After making the video of the online course, the next thing is to edit it before uploading it. You can’t upload the video directly as there may be a lot of blunders.

You may have paused the video multiple times for your personal work. So, it is necessary to remove these issues and keep the video flowing.


This will make the video more informative for the viewers and they can learn the topic in a better way without any external disturbance.

3.     Infographics Tool

To get the attention of more visitors, it is quite important to use an eye-catching thumbnail that could attract the audience to your page.

For it, you need to make a poster or image for the video with the help of an infographics tool. It will be a plus point for the creator as he can grab the attention of users more easily.

But you have to make sure that the thumbnail is related to the video. If you use a fake image to attract the visitors, they will soon leave your page which will have a bad impression on the site and will also increase the bounce rate of the page.

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