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Top 10 Daily Habits of Exceptionally Successful People

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What is it about successful people that makes them so? Do they wake up at 4:00 am each day? Do they drink green smoothies right after they come back from their 5 mile morning run? There has to be some secret, right? Something that makes successful people attract good luck?

We study the greats to see if there are any patterns. We ask them “How did you do it?” and marvel at their accomplishments when it seemed everything was against them. While we can’t always pinpoint one particular thing that led to success for everyone, there are some clear trends in overall habits that seem to contribute to success.

Wake Up Early

There is an amazing shift that happens when one decides to wake up early and spends precious hours in the morning alone, while the rest of the world is asleep. The earlier you can wake up, the more time you will have throughout the day for tackling the tasks that have to get done.

But perhaps more important that waking up early, is waking up with a detailed plan for the day. Instead of being like the person who hits the snooze alarm 3 times before dragging themselves out of bed, be the prepared riser, ready to be productive and meet their goals for the day.

Take the Stairs

The majority of successful people do find a way to exercise throughout their day. Some wake up and fit their workout in first thing in the morning, while others might carve out time in chunks throughout the day. Either way is effective, it just depends on what will work best for your schedule. The key is to get exercise in each day. It helps you think better, breathe better, and it is always good to discipline yourself to stick to a routine.

Master the Essentials

Leadership, networking, and Management. As a life-long learning, these are the skills you want to master to be a success. See more about the Three Essential Skills of an Entrepreneur as these skills can put you in good stead.

Find Balance

Life cannot be all about work all the time. Successful people seek balance between work and family, friends, funs, and relaxation. Take time for non-work activities in order to stay even keeled.

Let Go

Whenever you come across something that you don’t have control over, learn to let go. It isn’t worth worry. Learn to accept things and move on to things you can control.

Past Failures Don’t Determine Your Future

Sometimes it can be difficult to get over poor choices or circumstances from the past. We all have an internal tape that plays over and over in our mind. Make sure your tape is full of positivity and not based on your past.

Finish Your To-Do List

Studies show that multi-tasking isn’t actually always good for productivity. Focus on one thing, work hard to do a good job on it, and complete it before moving to the next thing. Even if you schedule something as simply “Create agenda for the meeting,” keep tasks small and manageable so you can complete them and feel motivated.

Keep learning

Find ways to incorporate continuous education in your life. Enjoy podcasts about success, read favorite blogs, or attend conferences.

Find a Mentor

When you see someone who inspires you, ask them questions. How did they reach their goals? What advice do they have to offer? By showing interest and being willing to work hard, you might be able to develop a mentor-mentee relationship.

Find Ways to Help People

Successful people don’t get to the top by themselves. Help your team be the best they can be as well.

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