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Tips for Launching a Career in the Hospitality Industry

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Do you have a degree in hospitality and are wondering how to launch your career in this industry? Or maybe you have a knack for providing a high level of service in catering and want to get your foot in the door of the hospitality sector.  Whatever your situation might be, read on for career tips in the hospitality field that may help you get rolling in this promising line of service.

Focus on Your Niche

The world of hospitality is vast. Therefore, when you’re looking to hone your craft in the service industry, it’s a good idea to get a precise aim for your specialty.  For example, if you get jazzed over catering for weddings, become a master in that niche. Perhaps you’re a coffee aficionado and driven to teach others how to make cold brew brilliance; that’s your cue to focus on your coffee crafting dreams. 

Concentrating on your expertise is crucial when it comes to building your career in the hospitality business.  The more defined and refined your wheelhouse, the better.  Working towards success in your area of expertise presents many challenges, and it might get crazy sometimes. So, a clarified vision will help you stay on track and keep you focused if your hospitality career path gets wonky.

Concentrating on your expertise is crucial when it comes to building your career in the hospitality business.  The more defined and refined your wheelhouse, the better.  Working towards success in your area of expertise presents many challengesClick To Tweet

Hobnob With Pros in the Know

Once you’re clear about your niche, then start moving and grooving with folks in your area of expertise.  Join discussion groups about luxury cruise line gigs if that’s your focal point.  Get on the mailing list and get involved with local winery events if vino is your thing. Follow figureheads in your field on social media, or make connections in discussion forums about your area of interest. You get the idea. The objective here is to mingle and get your name circulated in groups at the forefront of your genre. The more you make yourself known in your field, the better chances you have of getting noticed or even hired in your preferred hospitality field.

Contemplate Relocation

If you’re landlocked in Arizona and you’re dreaming of serving the most delectable seafood meals on the planet, you might want to think about relocating to a coastal area.  Seek out an environment and accommodations that cater to your specialty to better provide the key ingredients for your niche.  Relocating might sound drastic, but it’s a bold move worthy of consideration if it helps you broaden your horizons and further your goals in the hospitality industry.  

Internships Can Make a Difference

Whether you’re aching to manage a five-star hotel or hungry to master a Michelin-star restaurant, working an internship might be a viable solution to launch your hospitality career.  In the restaurant industry, you might consider working as a stagiaire. This is a kitchen internship where you learn the ropes and gain experience from a top chef. In addition, internships are available in other hospitality sectors where you can attain valuable knowledge in tourism, event planning, or any area of expertise you desire. While it’s true that most stagiaire or internship positions do not pay, working under seasoned professionals can earn you big profits by building solid experience in your field. 

Go Rogue and Shine

Sometimes the best way to dive into a dream is to jump in feet first. Many successful restaurateurs and travel agents claim to have taken unconventional turns on their road to triumph in the hospitality industry. A traditional college degree in hospitality and tourism management is undoubtedly a feather in your cap. However, you might not have the time, money, or desire to go this route. Going rogue by opening up your own food truck, catering business, or working as a solo act can be risky. Nevertheless, if you have passion and you’re born with a gift of service, branching out as an independent might be your ticket to smashing success. 

Final Thoughts on Boosting Your Career in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry presents a slew of opportunities if you’re willing to work hard and follow your dreams. Whether you opt to nurture your career the conventional way or go a more unorthodox route, you can fulfill your aspirations for success in your field. So keep an open mind as you pursue your passions, stay on your game, and be prepared to leap when your break-through moment arrives in the hospitality industry.

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