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The Pros and Cons of Udacity Digital Marketing Degrees

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Udacity was started by two Stanford University professors to offer people a way to access college courses online. It has grown substantially since its inception and offers a wide selection of courses today.

One of the courses they offer is a nano degree in digital marketing. It is referred to as a nano degree because it only takes three months which is only a single semester in most universities.

Like any other course, it has its advantages and disadvantages. We shall begin by looking at the pros of the degree:


●      Flexibility

One of the best benefits of undertaking a Udacity digital marketing degree course is that you can learn at your own pace. Udacity does not have a set schedule or a specified time for any class.

You will be provided with an estimated time of when you should be through with the course which is about three months. However, the time can be extended to six months for slow learners. There are project deadlines and other deadlines to be met but for the most part, you learn as you would like. You set your goals and your schedule which is fantastic.

●      Real-World Case Studies

A lot of material studied in both traditional and online degree courses is theoretical. A pro of Udacity’s digital marketing course is that you learn using real-world projects.

When you only learn concepts, in theory, there is a lag between learning the skill and applying it which can have a negative effect. When taking a Udacity degree, you will observe real-world marketing campaigns and derive conclusions that you can apply in your own project. Moreover, you get to start your digital marketing portfolio while still undertaking the course. Therefore, you already have something to show when you apply for your first job.

Furthermore, when your project is complete, you will get feedback from thousands of project reviewers in the community forum. The best part is that it will typically take less than a day for you to receive quality feedback.

One of the best benefits of undertaking a Udacity digital marketing degree course is that you can learn at your own pace. Udacity does not have a set schedule or a specified time for any class.Click To Tweet

●      Community Forum

When you enroll for the Udacity digital marketing course, you automatically gain access to a forum of every other student taking the course. Such a community is advantageous especially considering you will be taking the course on your own.

You will have a connection with others who are on the same journey as you. You can share your problems with the subject and receive help whenever you need it.

You can also help others who are having problems with the course. All in all, the community forum will further improve your understanding of the syllabus and digital marketing as a whole.

●      Mentorship

One thing that has always been an issue since the advent of online learning courses is mentorship. It is often viewed as a secondary factor when learning online but not with Udacity courses. Udacity will provide you with a qualified mentor to help you through the course. You can find out more about Udacity mentorship from You will discuss with your mentor when you can have your sessions and how often you can chat.

There are over 1,000 mentors of Udacity so you are assured that you will get a mentor. The good thing is that it takes so little time for you to get one but you will have to vet them to find one that best suits you.


●      Expensive

If you want to undertake the Udacity digital marketing online nano degree course, you should be prepared to spend quite a bit of money. Udacity certainly is not cheap especially when contrasted to other digital marketing courses you will find online.

Granted, you will get a lot more from the course as is evidenced by the pros outline above. However, you will need to plan and come up with a budget before registering for the course.

The pricing for the course is flexible but it is standard over the three-month duration of the course. You will need about $1,300 to undertake the course which is a significant amount for anyone just starting out in digital marketing.

●      A Course Only for Beginners

Another downside to undertaking the Udacity digital marketing online degree course is that it is custom made specifically for beginners in the field. Therefore, if you have done some digital marketing work or course in the past, you will not gain much from the course.

The course is very simple in terms of the content and concepts explored. The same goes for the quizzes and assignments presented in the course.

If you do the Udacity course, you will probably only be qualified for an internship or entry-level position. You will have to take more advanced courses if you want to progress in the field.

●      Course Is Only in English

If you want to take the Udacity digital marketing course, then you can only do it in English. It is a significant disadvantage for anyone willing to take the course who would prefer to do it in another language.

Considering that Udacity courses are accessible from many countries around the world, it would make sense if one were able to access the course in a variety of languages. Learning in your first language is often more conducive than otherwise.

You may be able to get courses with subtitles which are helpful but can be quite difficult to follow when taking an online course. The language barrier issues should be fixed soon according to Udacity. When they do, more people will be able to undertake the course.

●      Mock Data Use

A disadvantage of undertaking the Udacity digital marketing online nano degree course is that they tend to use mock data for assignments and projects. It is a disadvantage because real-life data would be much more conducive and relevant. There will be projects in which you may be able to use real-world data on Udacity. However, you will use mock data for the most part.

Using real-life data gives one a much more realistic picture of the digital marketing landscape than mock data. The result is that you will have to teach yourself about the real-life applications of the course.

To conclude, there are several pros and cons of taking the Udacity digital marketing nano degree course. The course is great if you are a beginner in the field. Check out the course syllabus and see if it is for you. If not, look for another online course.

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