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The United States has had a service-oriented economy since the 1980s. Many companies now outsource manufacturing jobs overseas, so these jobs aren’t available in the United States. The lines of supply in the United States are pretty stable, so many new jobs involve optimizing processes and improving them.

Careers in supply chain management and IT are now some of the highest paying jobs in the United States. International business professions are also very lucrative. Our global economy is now very connected, and there’s a lot of demand for employees who are willing to travel to other countries to conduct business. Healthcare workers are also needed. Those who were born before 1964 are retiring at an alarming rate, and the current healthcare structure cannot meet the new demands.

The job market is changing very rapidly, so future workers will need to change the way they approach their job. Emotional intelligence and data literacy will be very important skills in the near future.

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Fewer people work in retail these days because many consumers shop online. Brick and mortar stores tend to go out of business because they have to charge higher prices to cover employees and overhead expenses. Some retail jobs still exist, but they are very service-oriented. Best Buy’s business model is one example. Best Buy now offers consulting and repair services to focus on the customer experience. Companies need to diversify the services they offer to remain competitive, so many retail jobs are now hybrids of different service positions.

Many people also work from home now. This is often beneficial for the company because the business doesn’t have to cover the overhead expenses. A health insurance agency may be able to pay higher commissions if the business doesn’t need to pay for the company’s rent and utilities.

Shared office spaces are also more common. Companies can cut down on overhead expenses if they split the costs. This is useful for businesses that specialize in services. Different call centers may share an office because they can put many employees in rows of cubicles. A shared office space Las Vegas business owners use may also be used to support business partnerships. Companies that share office spaces may be able to pool their leads or provide referral commissions for attracting new clients. Some companies may handle different business processes by using the work of another company in a shared space. An example would be a company that handles phone sales. One business might sell its products on the phone and a customer service company in the same building may handle client requests.

Finding Jobs Currently in Demand

There are a lot of high-paying jobs out there, but they are often in niche fields. Jobs in education will never be fully automated. Students need an adult present to guide them while they learn. Education administrators earn a median salary of $81,500 a year. Technical education teachers earn quite a bit as well. These teachers are needed to teach very specific job skills to prospective workers.

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Many people know that engineers earn decent salaries, and there are many ways to specialize in the engineering field. Big data engineers earn a median salary of $155,000 a year. You’ll need to know quite a bit about computers, but data mining is going to be a very lucrative field for decades. Chemical engineers earn six-figure salaries as well. Some of these workers may try to find environmentally-friendly solutions. Others may improve the quality of chemicals used in food and pharmaceuticals.

Ideal Career Skills in 2022

The job market is changing very rapidly, so future workers will need to change the way they approach their job. Emotional intelligence and data literacy will be very important skills in the near future. Companies will have a demand for blockchain developers. Many companies are also using blockchain technology to verify shipping ledgers digitally. Financial technology professionals will also be needed. Future finance experts will use technology to make data-driven decisions. Data analytics will also be used to help companies assess risk. Actuary jobs are also going to increase dramatically in the near future. insurance agencies value these employees because they use statistics to set policy rates.

“One of the first things you should ask yourself is what is your dream career. Believe it or not, many young children have a career in mind, going back to elementary and middle school. It is not unusual for some children to make their career dream a reality, by getting a degree in that field. Regardless, if your dream career is a teacher or lawyer, you can make it come true. And, you do not need millions of dollars to make this happen.” – What Is Your Dream Career?

It definitely seems like technology jobs are going to lead the business market in 2020. Some employees will also be needed to assist the aging population. The country has a shortage of speech-language pathologists. These experts assist those who have communication and swallowing disorders. You should definitely consider going into a technical field if you want to earn a nice salary, but education and healthcare jobs will offer future job security.

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