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The Most Admired Companies – Who’s Hiring – Vol IV

Time to continue our review of who’s hiring from the Most Admired list. Just so you know, there is also a “least admired list” (and you probably don’t want to work there). You can find some comentary and a partial list by clicking here ===>> least admired if you have the time. As for the most admired, the list is determined by ranking based on a number of categories (innovation, people management, use of corporate assets, social responsibility, global competitiveness, management quality, financial soundness, long-term investment, and quality of products and services).

  • IBM – Ranked 17 on this year’s list, IBM is one of the best known companies. More than half of revenue now comes from Business Services (consulting). Their career page leads with the tag “The world’s largest consultancy is now hiring”.  There is a video to start, and below the video are links to Jobs at IBM, Diversity, University Recruiting and more. Additionally, there is a link to the 2009 Careers Fair calendar. A basic search returned almost 3,000 job opportunities.
  • 3M – Next on the list at number 18 is 3M, another company that everyone has heard of. Their career site leads with a map of the world where you can select the region you want to work. There is also a listing of countries/regions to the left hand side of the map.  Selecting North America, as an example, leads to a page with additional information on the company, a link to career paths and a basic search engine on the left hand side of the page. There is a link to an advanced search engine below the basic engine. The basic engine returned over 70 opportunities when I checked the site.
  • Target – This retailer is ranked 19 on the list and is another well known company. Their career page has several links on the left hand side of the page – Search for current openings, Opportunities at Target, Resources for Candidates and more. The center of the page has a check list to narrow your search (and you can conduct a search here), below which is a listing of featured jobs. There were 594 jobs under the “experienced professional” when I checked the site.
  • J.P. Morgan Chase – Ranked at 20 and a prominent member of the very troubled financial services sector, Chase was relatively unharmed when compared to the other financial institutions. Their main careers page has links for Experienced Hires, University Programs, Jobs in Demand and Search Jobs. Clicking on Search Jobs leads to a jobs search engine. While I couldn’t check all jobs due to the way the search engine is structured, I did check Accounting/Finance jobs and found 70 jobs just in that field.
  • PepsiCo – This company, ranked 21 on the list, does much more than just sell soda. Quaker Oats and Tropicana are examples of some of the other leading brands (and non-soda) owned by PesiCo. Their main career page splits the job search into several categories: Opportunities for Professionals, Opportunities for new Grads, Time based opportunities and Career Center for help. It does look like you will need to register before using their system.

Good luck in your search.

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