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Who Really Succeeds in Business School?

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Business school may not be the ideal choice for everyone. Individuals who are profoundly creative and identify as left-brained or Type-B personalities might find it challenging to thrive in the structured and logical realms of economics and finance. This includes marketing majors, who, despite often being viewed as the creative minds within the business school community, are required to be analytical and organized, and possess a specific skill set.

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INTP — Logicians

Logicians, one of the rarest personality types, are characterized by their relentless logic and precision. These individuals are known for their insatiable curiosity, balanced by an innate perfectionism; they possess an uncanny knack for identifying patterns in data and creating efficient solutions to persistent problems. Logicians are dependable, pragmatic, and motivated, traits which position them well as outstanding business school students and future business leaders.

Nevertheless, those of this personality type should thoroughly investigate key features of business school programs before applying, as elements such as the cost and structure of an MBA could significantly impact them. Given logicians’ inclination towards self-direction, educational institutions and organizations that emphasize independent learning and autonomy are likely to be the best fit.

ISTJ — Logisticians

Conversely, logisticians are considered one of the most plentiful personality types. Like logicians, logisticians rely heavily on facts and logic, but they are also known for their integrity; logisticians tend to be honest and loyal nearly to a fault. Oftentimes, ISTJs will remain in a less-than-ideal work situation for the sake of fidelity and stability. Because logisticians place great emphasis on their reputation — taking pride in their work — it is important that members of this personality type enroll in a smaller, more prestigious B-school program. When class sizes are limited, logisticians have more time to forge meaningful connections with professors and peers, and they have more space to demonstrate their strengths of logic and fidelity.

“There are some advantages of seeking to further your education and career by going to business school. Depending on your current situation and the situation you see yourself in for the near future, it may be right.”

ENTJ — Commanders

Commanders, a particular personality type, embody the qualities of natural leaders. They are charismatic, and confident, and project an authority that compels others to heed their lead. Commanders derive immense satisfaction from conquering challenges and attaining goals, traits that undoubtedly prove advantageous in the business world. Despite emotional expression being a potential pitfall for this personality type, Commanders nonetheless excel in analyzing information and devising strategies to overcome any hurdle effectively. Business school and MBA programs that underscore leadership are ideally suited to Commanders, who are already endowed with innate talent in this sphere.

ESTJ — Executives

Executives, much like Commanders, are leaders. However, they differ in their approach and motivation. While ENTJs may be seen as relentless leaders, ESTJs demonstrate a more compassionate style in guiding their teams to success. Executives typically prioritize the stability of their communities, meaning they seldom work in isolation. Although they strongly endorse tradition and rules, they also strive for high team morale and happiness, which can be challenging objectives to harmonize. Therefore, it would be prudent for Executives to gravitate towards more conventional business frameworks. Consequently, they might thrive best in traditional, on-campus business schools that offer stable and predictable environments.

ESTP — Entrepreneurs

With a designation like “Entrepreneurs,” it’s evident that individuals of this personality type are primed for business careers. Entrepreneurs are renowned for making an immediate and profound impact on their environments, being vibrant, sociable, inventive, and adaptable. Although Entrepreneurs may not be as ardently committed to logic and pragmatism as other personality types on this list, they typically consider their options before making a move — most of the time. Often, they gravitate towards riskier lifestyles, viewing risks as an outlet for their energy and enthusiasm. It’s reasonable to suggest that individuals of this personality type should seek business school programs with a focus on entrepreneurship.

If you’re contemplating applying to business school to pursue an advanced degree, chances are, you should. The reality is, personality types aren’t immutable; most people sit somewhere within the spectrum of all skill ranges. Even if you’re an introvert, it’s unlikely that you completely lack social skills. Undeniably, certain business career paths enable specific personality types to thrive, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of success for those with less typical attitudes.

No matter whether you are a thinker or a feeler, an introvert or an extrovert, or fall into any of the other Myers-Briggs personality categories, if your passion lies in business, business school is where you belong.

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