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Teaching Hacks You Need To Know

Teaching Hacks

If you are thinking of becoming a teacher or you are new to the world of teaching, you will find that your teaching style takes a long time to find. With experience, you will see what works best with the kids you teach and what kind of activities you can bring into the classroom for efficient working. For some tips and tricks on teaching this year, here are some things you need to know.

Your name

The first thing you will ever tell your children is your name, and it might take them a little time to remember it at first. You can wear lanyards for teachers with your name tag on it for the first week or two of class until your kids remember your name. This might sound extreme but actually, it will allow the children to feel like they know something right from the start and it can make them more confident when coming to ask you for something.

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Know your subject

This seems like the sort of thing captain obvious would say, however, you would be surprised how many teachers stop learning the subject that they teach. As a teacher, you should be the one inspiring your children to work on your subject, and by keeping up to date with discoveries you can share these with the children and you can inspire them more. Read magazines, articles, attend conferences and enjoy the subject you are sharing with the children.

“Whether you are teaching for the very first time or are a seasoned veteran, prepare carefully for the initial class. Your preparation and attitude is contagious: students will pick up on your excitement” – Standford University

Praise sparingly

When we bring up our own children we are always told to praise them for doing well because it will act as positive reinforcement for the future. However, when you are teaching children it is a whole new game to play. If you praise a child in class every time they get something right, they can develop an ego and this can stop them from trying in tests and lessons because they think they know it all. You need to be sparing with praises and make sure that instead of praising individuals you praise the class as a whole for their good work.


Ditch the jargon

Of course, when you are teaching a science there will always be scientific language on show for you to teach. However, you need to think about what you say in between these words. You need to keep things super simple and make sure that your students are keeping up with you. Imagine your students as aliens, they have never been to this planet and they have no idea how things work. You need to put things into the simplest terms you can and make sure that you explain thoroughly!

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Get outside

The classroom isn’t the only place where you can learn, and often the classroom can become associated with boredom and this can make children think of other things right from the moment they step foot in the room. Think about getting outside the classroom for projects and if it’s a sunny day, simply during your work with you and sit on the field outside.

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