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Sustainability In The Workplace

Creating more sustainable in the workplace is an absolute must in this day and age. People are using up far too many non-renewable resources, and not thinking about our future or future generations. All businesses make a huge impact on the environment, whether this is down to employees traveling to work in a vehicle, the amount of paper printing, or electricity usage. Here are some tips for more sustainability in the workplace:

Use Natural Light

Instead of using artificial light in the day, aim to use natural light as often as possible. This is far healthier, and people will usually feel more productive as a result. Open the blinds and the workspace should feel so much better.

Stop Printing So Much

How much do you print in a day? Aim to cut this right down. Only print when absolutely necessary, and use both sides if possible. Make sure everybody is on the same page when it comes to printing. To discourage printing, you could make sure there’s only one printer in the office and that there isn’t a stock of paper that just anybody can use.

Work With Sustainable Companies

Seek out sustainable companies and suppliers and work with them. This way, you can make a positive impact together and maximise the results!

Spread The Positive Message

Encourage the people you spend time around to be more environmentally friendly. The best way to do this is to set a good example rather than to preach, but if they ask, be ready to give them lots of helpful information. The infographic below has more ideas.

Credit to Marylhurst University Online

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