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SEO ProfYou probably already use social media sites in your day-to-day life.

There really aren’t too many people left that don’t have a social media profile and use social media as a resource, whether that’s in their personal life or in their business life.

However, social media isn’t just for staying in touch with friends that live out of state or promoting a product or service that you’re trying to sell to customers.

social media can actually be a whole business in its own right if you know how to make it profitable.

If you like using sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter and are willing to put in the work and time, you may be able to make some real money doing something you like.

Build Your Brand


Before you can start to make money from your blog, you need to build your brand.

It doesn’t matter if you’re giving away free content about cooking, baseball or women’s shoes.

The principles are all pretty much the same, though your client base and target audience will certainly be different.

You need to treat your blog or website like a brick and mortar business – not some fly-by-night operation that you work on when you have a few spare minutes.

While you may have to do something to support yourself until it takes off, you need to treat your business like one that you expect to work.

Create Your Blog

Create Your Blog


Once you know what type of content you’re going to work with and how you want it to look, you need to create a blog that you can drive traffic to through social media.

Sites like WordPress and other free blog generators are great for starting your first blog since they take care of most of the technical stuff for you, allowing you to focus on creating excellent content and promoting it instead.

After creating your blog, you need to develop a presence on social media sites like Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook.

You can do that by creating a profile and finding people in your target audience that would be interested in your blog.

You can also take out advertisements on websites like Facebook to market your blog to the right audience.

Charging for Links



Once you have a bit of a following on your blog built up through social media, you can get people that work in SEO or other bloggers to contribute guest posts to your site, which you can actually charge for if the content contains links to a product or service.

Most people are willing to pay for this service if your blog is generating a good deal of traffic since it helps them build a base for their own business.

Selling a Product


By including links to products in your content and using sites like Twitter to let people know about a new product that you are selling, you can make a considerable amount of money if you have a built-up audience.

You might be surprised at how many people would be willing to take a look at a product that you’re selling if they like the free content that you provide them.

You don’t have to sell a product on your own, though. In fact, most bloggers that are successful don’t actually have a product to sell, but are paid by people who do to help them sell their product via a successful blog.

If you go this route, you won’t actually be selling the product, only providing a link. If you’re running a blog about cooking, a company that sells cooking utensils might pay you to help them promote a new product on your blog.



You can also make money through a blog by using AdSense.

AdSense is a program that pays bloggers to place small ads on their page.

AdSense works to make money for you based on how many people look at your blog.

While the amount of money you get might not be much of anything for one page visit, it can add up to real money if you start getting thousands and thousands of page views each day, which should be your ultimate goal.


ads 2

If your blog is successful, you may be able to switch from a service like AdSense to simply selling advertisements to businesses on your own.

Some companies will pay hundreds of dollars to put a banner ad on your blog, even for a short period of time.

Of course, you’ll need to get a lot of people to your blog in order to get advertisers to pay you good money. Using social media sites to promote your blog can help you do exactly that.

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