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Six Style Tips for Interview Success

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Job interview success is not just about your ability to answer questions correctly and show up with an impressive resume. You can also improve your chances by creating the perfect first impression. In order to do that, you need to have your style sorted out. Here are six style tips for interview success.

Tip #1: Suit up, always!

There are only a handful of occasions when you shouldn’t show up to your job interview in a suit. If you’ve been handed a specific dress code request, you, of course, follow it. But in most other situations, a suit is your best option. Don’t even think about other combinations – a suit shows respect and it looks professional.

A suit is a great option for both men and women. A pantsuit is currently a fashionable choice for women, but you could also opt for the traditional skirt and suit jacket combination as well.

Job interview success is not just about your ability to answer questions correctly and show up with an impressive resume. You can also improve your chances by creating the perfect first impression.Click To Tweet

Tip #2: Black is the new black

If you don’t have a lot of money to create a suit collection right now, then trust in the power of black. Pick a black suit from an affordable high-street retailer like Forget about the fashionable and trendy suits – you want something timeless. By having a black suit in the wardrobe, you always have something to wear for interviews, formal events, and so on.

Black is a versatile color and you still have plenty of opportunities to personalize and style your suit. You can opt for patterned and colorful ties, shirts and shoes.

Tip #3: Polish your shoes

Don’t put all your attention on the suit; your attention should also be on the small details. Shoes are especially important to get right because your interviewer will notice them and make judgments about your character.

You should definitely invest in a good pair of dress shoes. For men, Oxford-style shoes are a great pick in either black or brown leather. You can, of course, be more playful with the color as well – just make sure it fits all of your accessories. Women should pick court shoes in black, white, or another color with a moccasin or a leather finish. Schuh is an affordable place to find shoes.

Even if you can’t spend money on new shoes, pick the most suitable pair you have and give them a good polish before the interview. You want them to look pristine and looked-after.

Tip #4: Go with current, not trendy

When you are creating your style, picking out accessories, or shopping for interview clothes, keep in mind another tip: you want the style to be current, not trendy. Trendy outfits tend to draw a lot more attention – they are bold and they are fun. But you’re not looking to be fun and bold in your job interview. Every item you pick should be something that’s current and in style. However, it shouldn’t necessarily be the trendiest item on the shelf.

The same applies to things like your haircut and makeup. You don’t need to necessarily change your hair color just for the interview, but don’t go for the craziest styling option. Modern style that slightly falls into the conservative side will work the best.

Tip #5: Focus on comfort

Although you want to ensure your clothes are stylish and professional, you shouldn’t forget about an important part of a stylish look: comfort and confidence. Have you ever worn clothes that didn’t fit? You’ve probably worn a shirt that seemed too tight or a jumper that made you itch. You don’t want this with your interview clothes – if you feel comfortable in them, you don’t stress about them. In a job interview, you already have enough other things on your mind so don’t make your clothes one. Try your outfit, sit, and walk around in it before to interview to ensure you feel confident in it.

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Tip #6: Make it fit

Above all, ensure your clothing is the right fit. If you can, stretch your interview budget to allow a tailor to spruce up the suit. The perfect fit will boost your confidence and create a polished and professional look.

Aside from ensuring the suit fits, you also need to make sure the accessories and colors you use match the look. So, ensure you know what are your best color options and pair your items with jewelry that fits the style – don’t go overboard with accessories.

Think of your interview style as another part of your resume. It should tell a story about you and your ability to succeed in this role. Make sure your suit, shirt, accessories, and even things like the haircut and makeup fit the narrative. If that black skull necklace is drawing too much attention to your toned-down look, then you should remove it.

The above six tips guarantee you focus on the right elements in your look and show up at the interview looking professional.

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