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Travel Agent or Blogger: Which Path Fits Your Passion?

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When it comes to choosing a career that suits your personality, the best advice you can receive from professional recruiters is to think about your interests and passions. Ultimately, the most successful people on the planet reckon embracing their true passion is what has given them the motivation and energy to build a profitable career. In reality, not everyone is comfortable turning their passion into their day-to-day job. Nevertheless, it’s fair to say that you should still pick a branch that resonates with you. You are going to do naturally better in a position that interests you.

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Travel, as it happens, is one of the trendiest topics for the young generation of workers. indeed, traveling is a popular hobby with approximately 1.32 billion global tourists. There is no other hobby that gathers so many enthusiastic participants. Therefore it would make sense to consider the different travel careers available to Generation Z. Ultimately, there is more to travel than waking up in a foreign country. It involves a variety of skills, from communication to organization. Which travel career is suitable for whom?

Travel agent: For those who love a fast-paced environment

For anyone who has a knack for customer service, building a travel agent career is a fantastic option despite the numerous self-booking sites. indeed, while more and more active and experienced travelers prefer to manage their entire booking, travel agents can offer their services and expertise to a dedicated audience. indeed, specializing in a specific type of travel, such as medical travel to enable people to receive life-changing surgeries or senior travel to help elderly travelers make the most of their trip, can be a profitable business. As a travel agent, you need to be aware that your core skill set focuses on your ability to organize complex journeys and ensure that you can find the best solutions for your clients.

Typically, it’s a line of work that relies on commissions; therefore, you will have to establish partnerships with reliable providers. But, more importantly, people who depend on you to book their trips can experience a variety of last-minute modifications. Medical travelers, for instance, might need to delay for health reasons. Senior travelers might require specialist insurance coverage for their health, etc. You need to be able to adapt quickly to their requirements and find the best solution for them.

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Travel blogger: For those who love sharing tips

The idea of becoming a travel blogger can seem odd – there are already so many travel materials available – but a talented marketer can turn a blog into a profitable discount and sponsoring presence. Indeed, instead of building a blog to discuss your traveling experience, you can focus your website on sharing the best discounts and last-minute deals for your audience, and promote relevant services for travelers such as a car accident lawyer if they are taking a road trip or exploring an area by motorcycle.

In a world where the majority of travelers are self-sufficient, a discount blog can become a valuable source of information. More importantly, you can use your marketing know-how to establish a successful affiliate platform – earning income for each discount code you share, for instance. Additionally, it’s a good idea to partner with an independent travel site, so that users looking to book their trip can have direct access to the latest offers without leaving the reservation page.

Travel vlogger: For those who see the world and want us to know about it

On the other hand, the travel vlogger offers insight into foreign destinations that a travel blog can’t provide any longer. Successful vloggers such as Louis Cole, the creator of Fun For Louis, encourage global exploration by showing their audience that every experience can be fun and breathtaking. As a vlogger, you face your audience directly, building the video around your journey. While bloggers can choose their words carefully, a vlogger has no other approach than building an authentic profile in front of the camera. Your personality and your charisma are essential to the success of this career. You will also need excellent editing skills as it’s fair to say that only a few minutes of film ever get published. Vlog content is popular among potential travelers who need some inspiration or information about their next destination. Typically, you can rely on advertising and partnership to generate your income.

“First of all, you need to get yourself some good branding. Because if you’re a business without a brand, the chances are that nobody will know who you are. So the first step towards making an impressing – and ensuring it’s the right one, is to build yourself a strong brand. Not only are you going to need a branding strategy to do this, but a solid PR plan to back it up too.” – What Can You Do To Make Your Business Stand Out

Travel writer: Forgotten skills that can save the day

Is there such a thing as a travel writer anymore? The honest answer is no. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t make money through writing about your travels. On the contrary, travel content based on personal experience is highly popular as books and magazine articles. It’s a source of inspiration for the audience. Your stories create wanderlust – and it’s not uncommon to find semi-fiction books that bring an exciting romance or thriller at the heart of a foreign culture. But, it’s important to know that this traditional approach to travel content has low earning potential — unless you write a bestselling novel. However, it is a profitable side hustle.

Travel guide: For those who want to share their knowledge and enthusiasm

Last but not least, not all travel careers require you to know many destinations. In fact, professional tour guides don’t need to travel a lot; they are valuable precisely because they stick in one place which they know inside out. It’s your ability to bring the past to life and share anecdotes from famous people throughout history that transform a town or a monument into a memorable experience for your guests. Typically, the guide works extensively within an agency – it is challenging to start your guide career as an independent professional. Your skillset combines history, communication, storytelling, and the ability to reach out to people from a variety of cultures. At the heart of it, you’re the person who brings the past into the present.

At first glance, there are many travel-related careers. Whether you’re most comfortable working alone or with people, being on the road or being at a desk, your preferences can shape your career choice. The bottom line is that, unlike any other sector, travel offers as many opportunities to work within a company as it does to launch your own business. Working in the travel industry is, by far, one of the most empowering career choices for Generation Z.

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