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Master Your Digital Assets: Practical Tips for DAM Implementation

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In the workplace, change is often met with resistance. Not everyone embraces it as easily as we would like. For some of your team members, it’s difficult to see how change can be a good thing, after all, they’re being thrust into uncomfortable and unknown territory. People resist change for all kinds of reasons, whether it’s the status quo shifting, the fear of being overwhelmed and stressed, and ultimately, a lack of trust or belief in a new approach. 

However, when you’re in charge of implementing essential tools such as Digital Asset Management software – find out more about DAM software for images (and other file types) here – it’s important to have everyone across your department and organisation on board as quickly as possible.  

Many people find using new software incredibly overwhelming and stressful. By using your managerial and people skills, find ways to train individuals that complements their learning style.Click To Tweet

Read on for some sensible advice for anyone trying to implement DAM software.

Explain the benefits

As a manager and person responsible for implementing this change, you’ll understand better than anyone the benefits that come with this new and exciting system. However, your teams won’t and if you want them to embrace this new software, you’ll need to ensure that everyone is on the same page. 

Discussing openly why this new software is essential and the benefits that your workforce can expect will keep interest high and acceptance more likely. When it comes to DAM software the benefits are endless but focusing on the larger more impactful gains will help speed this process along. Benefits including:

  • More efficiency: With DAM you get a fully organized and functional library containing all digital assets. Using smart search technology including metadata extraction, users can find the files they need instantly. Saving them time and frustration! 
  • Accuracy: DAM software comes with clever version control capabilities, which means the latest versions of any file will always be displayed first. Ensuring accuracy and brand consistency.
  • Users can easily send, share, and receive files without complicated email chains or unsafe file transfers. Employees can simply access the files they need 24/7 – which means even remote workers will benefit.  

Discuss ROI

Discussing the ROI or Return On Investment that comes with a new system like DAM, can make getting everyone on board a little easier. Especially if they see how it can positively impact their roles and the business. Consider highlighting the following points:

  • The use of DAM software and an increase in efficiency will save the company money
  • DAM software increases brand consistency across the company, which will increase brand recognition and sales
  • Safe and secure files mean security breaches are less likely, boosting the company’s reputation
  • Less risk of using out-of-date images which could trigger a copyright infringement lawsuit 
  • Efficient workflow systems mean projects are completed faster, which means more revenue

And finally, focus on training 

Your next step is to create a structured plan in terms of training. Many people find using new software incredibly overwhelming and stressful. By using your managerial and people skills, find ways to train individuals that complement their learning styles. Have an “open-door” policy and encourage users to come to you with any issues or concerns. This approach will make the implementation of your DAM software much smoother and more effective.

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