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Seeking Job Security? Here Are Some Jobs To Consider

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America’s unemployment rate has reached its lowest level since the pandemic’s beginning. Many employers are desperate to be higher and offer high wages, attractive sign-on bonuses, and other perks to attract workers. Still, a new Lincoln Financial Group survey revealed that 27% of Americans worry about job security. If you constitute this percentage or are deciding on a career path after college, there are many secure jobs you can consider. Below are some dream jobs that will come with a steady paycheck even during economic uncertainty.


It is common knowledge that America has an aging population. People aged at least 65 reportedly experience thrice as many hospitals stay as other demographics, and their numbers are fast-growing. As such, healthcare services like nursing are in high demand to cater to the needs of the aging demographic. Recent healthcare changes due to the pandemic have further contributed to the high demand for nurses in America. Therefore, there are various nursing job openings you can take up after completing the necessary training. Job security has become a major perk of the profession, especially if you attain high credentials and become a Nurse Practitioner or Clinical Nurse Specialist. Even before the pandemic, nurse practitioners in 22 states and the District of Columbia could provide independent, direct care to patients. States like New York and New Jersey have also increased the ability of these professionals to offer frontline care, so nurse practitioners will only enjoy more secure job opportunities.

Supervisor of police and detectives

Supervisors of police and detectives often referred to as police chiefs or sergeants, are important public security professionals responsible for overseeing patrol teams and other law enforcement officials. A police chief helps make neighborhoods safer while ensuring that police officers behave ethically and professionally. Employment prospects for lower-ranked law enforcement officials can vary, but supervisors enjoy the highest job security because they will always be needed to ensure streamlined operations and maintain protocol. A Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice is worth considering to speed up your rise through the ranks in this role, so keep this in mind.

If you are deciding on a career path after college, there are many secure jobs you can consider. Below are some dream jobs that will come with a steady paycheck even during economic uncertainty.Click To Tweet

Financial advisor

People will always be concerned about financial issues like retirement planning, taxes, and saving for their children’s college. Therefore, there is a constant need for financial advisors who can help individuals achieve their personal economic goals. A financial advisor’s position is similar to a financial analyst who guides individuals and companies. Personal financial advisors usually require a Bachelor’s degree, and majoring in accounting, math, law, and economics are all steps in the right direction. Also, the finance field is heavily regulated, so you may have to register with state regulators or the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) experts say that personal financial advisors will enjoy a job outlook of 4% over the next decade. Financial advisors are well paid, receiving an average salary of $89,330 in 2020. The highest-paid 25% earned $157,020, so you can make much more money if you land a niche private sector position.

Government employee

Government work is one of the most versatile options for enjoying job security. Secure employment in a governmental role is seldom a factor of economic times or individual performance. Government employees enjoy stable salaries and positions despite poor personal performance or a bad economy. The government offers various local, state, and federal jobs, encompassing numerous sectors and categories. You can get many jobs if you have a Master’s degree in Public Administration. These roles include Urban Planning Director, Parks, and Recreation Director, Policy Analyst, City Manager, and Director of Economic Development.

Expected job growth and pay differ from position to position; for instance, the BLS resources predict that urban and regional planners will enjoy an 11% outlook and $74,350 in average annual wages. On the other hand, administrative service managers who work for local government entities will enjoy a 6% outlook and a $93,770 median income. It is prudent to obtain graduate-level qualifications as a government employee to have an easier time keeping your job or scaling the public career ladder. Indeed, the right degree can increase your wage potential and help you enjoy impressive healthcare and retirement benefits.

Information security analyst

It is no secret that today’s companies and government agencies have many cybersecurity concerns. These organizations are one successful hack away from major reputational damage and financial loss, so they are desperate for professionals who can tackle breaches or stop them from happening in the first place. Consequently, information security analysis is one of the most in-demand and secure careers worth considering if you have an IT background. Not only will it be quite easy for modern and future information security analysts to find work, but they can also expect to enjoy high incomes. Their earnings will be significantly higher compared to most jobs that demand only Bachelor’s degrees. According to Glassdoor, the national average annual salary for an Information Security Analyst is $99,275 in America. You can get started in this field with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Still, an MBA in Information Security and Assurance or a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity is even better to boost your earning potential.


The stigma surrounding mental health concerns is fast disappearing, and several people now think that the mental and emotional treatments psychologists provide are as important as the physical concerns doctors handle. This increase in mental health acceptance brings with it an increasing need for skilled psychologists to serve in schools, clinics, and even corporate environments. Industrial-organizational psychology is a great field to specialize in if you want to earn a lot of money. These experts use their professional and academic understanding of psychology concepts and human behavior to boost workplace productivity and efficiency. As such, many modern businesses and corporations are desperate to hire them to perform assessments and recommend best practices for employee morale and work styles. You will typically need a Master of Science in Organizational Psychology to work in this field, but attaining this advanced degree is a worthwhile investment. You can earn a median annual salary of $96,270, more than the average annual salary for all psychologists combined ($82,180).

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