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Revealed: What That Employer Is Really Looking For

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It’s always unnerving going to an interview for a new role. After all, you don’t want to end up saying the wrong thing which will lead to a no. But a lot of people head to an interview not knowing what the employer is looking for. So they might end up making errors which won’t get them a contract. Therefore, here is what that employer is really looking for when you go for your next job interview.

An interest in the company

A lot of people make the mistake of just talking about themselves and their skills at job interviews. But your potential boss is looking for someone who is actually interested in the company. Not just someone who is hunting down their next paycheck. Therefore, you need to make sure that you come across as enthusiastic about the company. Listen to them when they explain about the business. And ask them questions about the company to show how keen you are. In fact, it’s a good idea to do some research before you go. That way, you have a solid understanding of the background of the company and what they do. And remember to ask them questions about the future of the business. After all, it makes it sound like you would be interested in staying with the company on the long-term.

A good education

As much as the employer will be looking at your past jobs, they will also want to take a look at your education too. After all, they will want to ensure you had a good, well-rounded education which you can bring to the company. They will be looking at your grades at school, plus any further education you have done since. For example, they might be looking to see if you have been to college to do any course. Therefore, make sure you talk about whichever college you attended such as College of Westchester. Discuss what you studied and how it can help you in this role. They will be impressed you mentioned your college course so you might win them over during the interview. And if you haven’t been to college, it’s never too late. Therefore, look at starting this year to ensure you get a better role in the future.

A confident personality

While it’s mostly about skills during the interview, your personality needs to win them over too. In fact, if you go into the interview really shy and quiet, someone else who is brimming with confidence is likely to get the role over you. Even if you have the same skillset and experience behind you. Therefore, make sure you show to them that you are confident when you are talking in the interview. It might be that you practice questions before you go with family or friends. That way, you can be confident when they ask you the same at the interview. And remember to be calm; that way, you will come over more confident!

And remember to come across as flexible. If you go to the interview stating about holidays and hours you won’t want to do, it can instantly put them off. Therefore, leave this until you are a new starter to boost your chances of a position.

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