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Preventing Accidents in the Workplace

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We’ve all seen safety posters in our workplaces, but for the most part, we pay little attention to them. Most of us associate work-related injuries with jobs in construction, manufacturing or other very physical careers. However, on-the-job injuries can happen even in low-risk professions. And, when they do, it’s important to remember that accident at work compensation may be available.

Here are a few tips to keep your workplace safe and to minimize work-related injuries.

1. Proper facilities maintenance

Building maintenance entails much more than changing light bulbs and giving offices a fresh coat of paint. A proper facilities maintenance plan also includes regular inspections and upkeep of less noticeable areas such as walkways outside of the building, office entry points and even the wear and tear on the carpet to prevent trips and falls.

All employees should be encouraged to report potentially hazardous conditions to management. If you notice ice on a walkway or the flooring in the break room is slippery, let someone know right away.

2. Be aware of hazards

It’s easy to overlook potential hazards in an office, so it’s essential to be aware of your surroundings. Few people realize that the most common office accidents are falls that could have easily been prevented.

Simple things like keeping all four legs of your chair on the floor, closing one file drawer before opening another and keeping the floor around your desk uncluttered are all good safety habits. You also want to be sure that all computer and electrical cables are stored out of the way or covered appropriately if they are placed across a walkway.

 3. Be prepared for accidents

Accidents will happen so it’s essential that you’re prepared.  A first aid kit should be kept in an accessible and clearly marked location. Office staff should have a list of emergency phone numbers for any situation they might encounter and they should be trained in all appropriate safety protocols.

Workplace accidents are inevitable, but a combination of proper preventative maintenance, common sense awareness and preparedness should keep them to a minimum.


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