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Permanent vs. Temporary Employees: Benefits and Disadvantages

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No matter how much you’re trying to make your company successful and lucrative, it’s the people you employ and the work they do that make the real difference. You can be the most organized and fair employer in the world, it won’t mean anything if your staff isn’t up to your standards. That’s why it’s so important to invest as much time and energy as you can when employing your staff, but there’s another issue you have to take into consideration – whether or not to employ temporary staff. This setup comes with several important pros and cons, so if this is bothering you as well, here are a few facts that might help you make your decision.


It doesn’t matter how big your company is and what you do, the employees who are with you from day one are the ones who are the most crucial parts of your company. These people have helped you build your brand and who continue helping you boost your company every single day. That’s why your permanent employees are loyal and trustworthy, and those are the things that all entrepreneurs value the most. You need to always keep them motivated and allow them to express their opinion.

No matter how much you’re trying to make your company successful and lucrative, it’s the people you employ and the work they do that make the real difference.Click To Tweet

Of course, that doesn’t mean your temp staff won’t be loyal to you – on the contrary, these people can sometimes express the sense of loyalty in a stronger way than you can anticipate. Building loyalty with these people is the same as with your permanent staff, but you’ll just have less time and therefore need to be more effective and direct. But, if you manage to turn them into loyal and trustworthy employees, it doesn’t matter how long they’ll stay with you because they’ll be worthy of your time, energy, and patience.


Again, this is something that most people take for granted and therefore stick to a generalized conclusion that isn’t always true – permanent employees are responsive and approachable, while those you hire temporarily aren’t. Of course, this isn’t always the case, and your temp staff can turn out to be more responsive than you’ve imagined, simply because they know that they’ll be working for a limited time and therefore want to make an impression on you.

On the other hand, your permanent staff might not be as responsive and approachable as you’d like them to be, especially if they’ve been with you for a while and don’t have any fears when it comes to being fired. That’s why you should stick to people who suit you and your corporate needs, no matter how long they’ve been working for you and how long they’re going to continue doing that in the future.


This is one of the most crucial things you’ll have to consider when choosing who to hire and where to find your staff – your employees’ income and other costs tend to vary quite a lot depending on whether they’re permanent members of your staff or only temporary. For those who are there to stay for good, you’ll often have to pay more money as an employer simply because of all those issuing forms, tax records, and other documents you’re obliged to provide if you wish to maintain a steady workforce.

For those who come and go without staying with you for too long, you’ll spend less money and be able to save some in the long run, which is why so many employers love temp staff. However, doing all those things over and over again could end up being costly as well, so don’t be afraid to think about finding someone who’ll do all those things for you. If you choose a reliable employer of record who will manage these responsibilities in your stead, you’ll be able to focus on the performance of your staff without thinking about the cost of hiring them. Ultimately, this is always a better alternative, so check out this option ASAP.

The future

In the end, moving forward and constantly looking into the future is the only way for your company to do something and keep striving in the years to come. Doing that is simple and easy if you have the right staff, and this staff needs to include people who have been with you forever, but those who have just joined your ranks as well. This is probably the biggest advantage of hiring new people, whether you’re doing that permanently or temporarily.

What you mustn’t forget is that a temporary position can often lead to a full-time contract, which is why people around the world are seeing temp jobs as a way to stay in the company forever. After all, being in a certain position for some time is always a better way to show your qualities than performing well at a job interview, so make sure you don’t forget that.

When choosing between permanent and temporary workforce, keep in mind that both of these alternatives have pros and cons, so combine your employees until you find the right group of people!

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