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Passing Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Certification Exams with PrepAway Dumps

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All Microsoft certifications are award-winning IT credentials. And one of the most fascinating certification tracks to pursue is Microsoft Windows 365, which is a famous ERP and CRM app that is intended to strategically bring together business features and functions, including people, data, and process.

If you are among those professionals who want to develop their expertise in specific Microsoft Windows 365 functions, particularly in customization and configuration, then you’re on the right spot! Here, we will be expounding a specific Microsoft exam related to Windows 365, which is no other than 70-740.

When you pass 70-740 and eventually earn MCSE: Business Applications, this ensures your expertise in modifying Windows 365 for both sales and service.

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What awaits the successful passers of exam 70-740?

A lot! And when we say a lot, it does not just include knowledge reach but also professional growth. So, before we list down all the key benefits, let’s begin with some vital aspects that you need to learn about exam 70-740.

It has a prerequisite certification.

Before you can take the exam, you must first complete either Microsoft Windows 365 for Operations or MCSA: Microsoft Windows 365. The prerequisite aims to equip you ahead with valuable understanding, considering you are pursuing an expert-level validation. Both prerequisite certifications hold a vital value for your future MCSE certification. Aside from having an MCSA credential, it’s also advisable to have an extensive background in assessing customer needs through configuration and customizing applications. Accordingly, this exam is intended for experienced developers, system administrators, technical support professionals, and implementation consultants.

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It awards you with an MCSE validation.

Successful completion of exam 70-740 means that you’re now a certified MCSE: Business Applications holder, who is furnished with skilled know-how in working with various Microsoft Windows 365 technologies. And when you become an MCSE professional, there’s so much waiting for you in the real world.

It will be retired on December 31, 2019.

The exam is considered as part of the older, knowledge-based certification track; hence it will soon be retired. You only have a couple of months before this test is replaced with a new, role-based certification exam. So, better take advantage of this exam as soon as possible so you will be learning with detailed tutorials and practical activities at no extra cost. Yes, Microsoft Learn is a free platform that helps you prepare for your exams.

It unlocks plenty of professional benefits.

Exam 70-740 is surely a great way to promote your professional career. You gain both theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills, which are all essentials for your professional growth. So, to constantly fuel your interest in completing exam 70-740, here are some professional paybacks waiting for you once you accomplish the exam.

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Rewards you with remarkable Microsoft Windows proficiency

In particular, the exam provides you with wide-ranging aptitude in configuring and customizing Microsoft Windows 365. To start, you’ll learn how to confidently constitute and integrate Windows 365 settings, security, and offerings as well as easily organize email services. Also, the test is a practical way to enhance your ability in implementing various Microsoft Windows 365 entities, fields, and entity relationships along with configuring field customizations.

And if you want to hone your skills in managing Microsoft Windows 365 solutions, forms, views, and visualizations, then you won’t be disappointed with the exam objectives. Lastly, this test is the answer for those who want to nurture their proficiency in vital Microsoft Windows 365 functions, including implementation and management of business rules, process flows, workflows, and such. All in all, you gain striking adeptness in using different platform tools to create, modify, and maintain related Windows 365 features.

Practices your real-world skills

Of course, you don’t just dwell on these topics but rather dig deep into its core. And you can do so by taking different training courses and online resources, which include materials offered by Microsoft as well as PrepAway. Microsoft offers a specially-designed training pack that covers both core features of the exam―customization and configuration for sales and customer service. Through its Windows learning Portal, you can conveniently purchase the self-paced training course in no time. Furthermore, there’s the Microsoft Windows CRM Team Blog that practically enhances your skills through healthy and functional online discussions.

Another worth mentioning addition to your preparation is PrepAway that loads up lots of exam dumps for exam takers like you. Their practice tests are easy to use, interactive, and constantly updated. You simply download the exam dumps, together with the exam simulator and you can start polishing your skills.

Without a doubt, both Microsoft and PrepAway are highly recommended for those who want to gain noteworthy, real-world capability about Microsoft Windows 365.

Decorates your professional profile

With a notable Microsoft certification topped in your profile, there’s no way employers would disregard your application. In fact, Microsoft certification holders are even prioritized by recruiters because they know that getting one is never an easy feat. And when you pass 70-740 and eventually earn MCSE: Business Applications, this ensures your expertise in modifying Windows 365 for both sales and service.


All these key benefits are surely an eye-catcher for those looking for efficient ways to advance their professional career. And for sure, you won’t regret pursuing this Microsoft certification track! So, maximize the remaining months to get ready for the exam. You only have up to the last day of this year to take your 70-740 and earn its corresponding MCSE credential. It’s definitely now or never!

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