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Nine Jobs that Are Most Likely to Get You Into Legal Trouble

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If you are looking for a better-paid job and more responsibility, you might need to calculate the risks before you choose. There are some jobs that pay well, but you are likely to carry a huge burden of responsibility, and you will have to find ways of protecting your professional reputation and avoiding legal challenges. No matter if you set up your own business or work for a company; to do the below jobs, you will need to up your risk management skills and learn how to see trouble coming your way. To get a clear idea of how much risk your new job involves, read the below guide.

Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor, you will need to play with other people’s money, and if you make the wrong decisions for them, they will not be happy. You must develop analytical skills as a financial advisor, and learn to ask the right questions. Understanding how much risk your client is willing to take, and providing them with adequate information to make an informed decision is crucial. You will also have to comply with current government, financial market, and consumer regulations, or you will lose your license or get a hefty fine.


Helping people find the perfect home and get on the property ladder can be a rewarding career. You will, however, need to be vigilant to make sure you are making your clients aware of the risks of buying the house. If you lie to them or keep important information from them, even unwillingly, they will be likely to contact your boss or the regulators and you will be questioned. Try to be open and honest, and put your clients’ interests first. Follow the industry guidelines and make sure you document everything shared with your customers, so they cannot take you to court for misrepresentation.

No matter if you set up your own business or work for a company; to do the below jobs, you will need to up your risk management skills and learn how to see trouble coming your way. Get a clear idea of how much risk your new job involves,.Click To Tweet

Gas Safety Engineer

This job itself involves a lot of risks. You will need to work with some of the most dangerous appliances. At the same time, apart from your own personal safety, you will have to protect the residents of the property. If you fail to notice something that can go wrong, you can be made responsible. Find out more about the risks of working with gas and reasons why your clients might decide to sue you by visiting Costello Law Firm and looking at the most common claims handled by the company. You will be likely to need liability insurance to cover the potential legal costs.

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Police Officer

While your reputation and actions will be protected by the force you join, and you will receive compliance training regularly, you can still end up in trouble as a police officer. Whether you are behind the wheel of a patrol car and get involved in an accident, or you are questioned over racial or gender discrimination, you will need to be prepared for several court cases. It is likely that you will have to testify in court several times, and this will give the defendant the opportunity to question your actions.

Personal Trainer

If you become a personal trainer, you will need to develop your professional communication skills and make sure you get the best training out there. You can face claims of sexual assault, personal injury, or even discrimination. Your job is to make people look and feel better, but in some cases, they will feel uncomfortable with your approach. Always be honest, never make inflated claims, and make sure you only work with people you can get on well on a personal level.

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Fire Safety Officer

If you are in charge of creating fire safety reports for commercial and residential buildings, hundreds or thousands of lives depend on you. While you are going to get extensive training before you start the job, you will also need to be vigilant and double-check everything. If you are good at spotting risks, you are likely to be successful, but it is always best to ask for a second pair of eyes to look through your assessment, just in case you missed something that can potentially become dangerous. Ask the right questions and record the answers, so you can prove you did everything right.

Investment Broker

Giving day-to-day advice or being in charge of your customers’ investment accounts comes with a huge responsibility. You will need to limit your risks and develop an understanding with your clients. Don’t be tempted by high return promises, and make sure you disclose the risk profiles of all stocks with your clients before you make a decision on their behalf. As an investment broker, your reputation will be your most important asset.


Interestingly, solicitors face legal challenges all the time. While they are trained in legal issues, their clients might not be happy with the outcome of their case or the representation and advice received. By law, clients have the right to refer a solicitor to a supervisory body, and this can end up badly. You spend long years becoming an attorney, so make sure you do everything by the book, and record all your conversations with your clients, so you can cover your back.

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Electricians also have high-risk jobs, but their decisions and work can potentially endanger residents and workers. You will have to make sure you have the right testing equipment for checking safety issues, and you are securing your circuit. If there is an electrical fault or even fire in the property you serviced, you can be questioned by the insurance company and even the legal firm of the clients, and your reputation will be damaged.

Whether you are looking for more responsibility or flexibility, you will need to improve your risk assessment and communication skills in order to avoid legal challenges further down the line. It is important that you keep an eye on industry and government regulations, and you are protecting yourself by taking out liability insurance that covers the cost of legal representation, whenever you have to face unhappy customers in court.

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