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New Year, New Job – What is Your Resolution

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Fireworks485This is the time of year when your local radio station starts the countdown of the top 500 hits of the decade ending with the number one hit on New Year’s Day. Lots of parties, lots of food, a clean slate and lots of hope for a fresh start in the New Year. Several years ago at this time I too was out of work, another casualty of the “Great Recession” (yes, even job search experts can lose their jobs). Soon after the New Year I was re-employed, but not as a result of my New Year’s Resolution (it should be so easy). Months of “pounding the keyboard” (for us old timers, the modern day replacement for “pounding the pavement”). Who’s to say what individual action will land you your next job? I’d like to believe that it is no one single action, but the collective actions over a period of time that help you get that special opportunity. Planning is key, and sticking to the plan is even more important.

For those that have followed this blog over the last six years will be familiar with my view that the best way to find a job is to launch a job search marketing campaign, ensuring that as many people as possible know you are looking for a job. My post on “The Four Legs of Job Search” covers  some key aspects for your job search in addition to the items listed below.

your job search started. You need to create lists of and then leverage them:


job search.

  • 5 Tips for Successful Job Search Networking – This article provides a number of resources for helping you build and leverage your job search network. Long thought to be the best way to find a job (you know the stats that are always quoted “80% of all jobs are not advertised”), this article reviews different ways to network and provides some additional links that can help.


Lists of Resources: Key to your search is where to look. Do you have your lists? A few links to a few lists which will shortcut your search.

  • The Top 50 Job Resources – provides a comprehensive list of job search sites. The top 50 on this link (hard to believe there are so many that you could have a top 50). The list appears to be in alphabetical order.
  • Find a Recruiter – Looking for a recruiting firm? provides a search engine for finding search firms. Just click “FIND” from the middle of the page and then add your criteria (specialty, location, etc.) to find recruiters.


Company Career Sites: – What better place to look than “at the source”. Company career sites provide one of the best ways to find a job by going directly to the source.

  • The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers – Okay, once again. This page provides a list (too many to count) in alphabetical order. Click the letter of your choice for a list of companies. Just click on the company name to link to their company career site.

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