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A few years ago I was having some work done in my house by a carpenter. While he was in my house, my wife sent me out to get a new mailbox that I had to hang on the front of my house (which is brick). No problem (I thought), I removed the old mailbox only to find the the holes in the new mailbox did not match (why should it be easy). I realized that I didn’t have the right tools to drill a new hole in the brick. So of course I asked the carpenter to drill anew hole for me. He didn’t drill a hole in the brick, he drilled a new hole in the mailbox (which was a lot easier). Right tools and right approach, both are key to a successful job search (not to mention hanging a new mailbox). Today’s post is a collection lists and tools you can use in your job search.

  • 7 Handy New Twitter Timesavers – Posted by Jacob Share on JobMob, this is a pretty neat list of tools that you can use to make your Twitter experience more productive (and spend less time on some tasks). The article provides a brief overview of each tool, along with a review and link to the tool’s website. At the end of the article, Jacob provides a strategy for using them all together. If you use Twitter (and you should), take a look at this post.
  • 70+ Tools For Job Hunting 2.0 – This list is from and is an amazing list because it is diverse. From links to job search sites that are generic to industry or job specific sites (like seasonal jobs). Certainly not a list you want to spend all of your time on, but leverage one of the sites a day (as you also spend time on networking, recruiters, etc.).
  • The Top 50 Best Job Search Sites – provides this long list of resources. Sounds like a lot, but unless you are really lucky in your job search, you may need them all. You name it and it is represented here. From the usual suspects to less known sites (like they are all here. There are also links to related resources (like social media). Take a look through this list to find the resources that will work for you.
  • 111 Smart Resume Section Headings and Titles – Another great list from JobMob, this one is really useful in building (or rewriting) your resume. Starting with Objectives, followed by Employment, Education, Skills and so much more. This is a really good list to have handy. You can also use this for thank you letters or letters of introduction, a really good list for your job hunt. Don’t forget to look at the bottom of the page for links to additional posts that will help in your search.

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