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Methodical Instructions for Students On Drawing Up a Report On the Practice

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  1. Tips for Students

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Training practice is one of the basic parts of the process of preparing qualified workers and specialists for further work in enterprises. The significance of educational practice is defined by the fact that during the internship, students receive the necessary practical skills and abilities. The main aim of practical training consists in the formation and consolidation of primary theoretical knowledge, professional skills (including skills in the area of scientific research), as well as various professional competencies. In the course of practical training, the theoretical and practical basis for future professional activity is usually formed.

Training practice is one of the basic parts of the process of preparing qualified workers and specialists to work in businesses.Click To Tweet

A written report on the performance of work is the student’s reporting form in practice.  Some annexes should also be included. They usually indicate the consolidation of knowledge, skills, the acquisition of practical experience, the formation of general and professional competencies, as well as the development of professional modules, etc.

According to the experts, writing a good practice report is not an easy task and, therefore, students often need the help of professionals. Fortunately, they can turn to the reliable online service AdvancedWriters at any time and receive highly qualified assistance. But still, each student must learn to perform this task without any help. So, in this article, we will give recommendations on how to write a practice report quickly and efficiently.

Tips for Students

The following guidelines will help you write a practice report:

  • During the internship (in accordance with the profile of the specialty), the student must collect material for compiling the internship report and then draw it into a text document that summarizes the basic results of the internship;
  • Each section of the practice report should begin with a title. The title of each section should be indicated in the content;
  • Content is an important part of a practice report. A consistent list of all sections of the report is provided there. The indication of the pages of each section is mandatory. Headings in the content usually need to be written in lowercase letters, but it is necessary to start with a capital letter. The headings in the content should be exactly the same as in the text;
  • The introduction is one of the most important sections of the report. The place of practice is indicated here, its purpose and main tasks are determined. The volume of this part is usually 1.5-2 pages of text;
  • In the process of writing a report, the main attention should be given to the main part. This is the text part of a practice report. Therefore, it should contain approximately 7-10 printed pages of text. There you need to provide a detailed description of all the work that was performed during the internship. It is advisable to divide this part into several subsections;
  • Do not forget about the importance of the conclusion. In this part of the work, the results of practical training are summarized. The student points out moments that were difficult, as well as what seemed easy to him. It is also appropriate here to draw short conclusions for each subsection from the main part. The conclusion should be approximately 2 pages of text;
  • During the practice, each student uses a number of literary sources. Many textbooks, magazines, and Internet sources are used directly in the process of writing a report. Therefore, it is important to provide them in the list of literature;
  • Applications are also very important in the report. It can be some schemes, drawings, examples of your work, etc. Remember to attach them to your practice report.

Thus, we gave you a number of unique recommendations on how to write a good practice report in a short time. Take them into account, and you will create a great paper!

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