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Overcoming Long-Term Unemployment: Try These Strategies

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Struggling to secure a permanent job and regular income can understandably impact your confidence and overall mood. Long-term unemployment occurs for various legitimate reasons, and often a change in approach or mindset is needed to break the cycle and secure that much-awaited job offer. If you’re facing extended unemployment, consider exploring money-making ideas and career inspiration. Additionally, it’s helpful to keep in mind some practical tips that can assist you during this period. These strategies are not only about finding new opportunities but also about maintaining a positive outlook and resilience in your job search journey.

What to Consider

  1. Stay positive and maintain a routine.
  2. Network and connect with others in your industry.
  3. Consider taking on temporary or part-time work to gain experience.
  4. Invest in training and education to build new skills.
  5. Volunteer or intern to build experience and fill gaps in your resume.
  6. Consider starting a side hustle or freelance work to stay active.
  7. Leverage social media and online platforms to showcase your skills and experience.
  8. Seek out mentorship or coaching to gain insights and guidance.
  9. Consider working with a staffing agency or job placement service.
  10. Attend job fairs, networking events, and industry conferences to connect with potential employers.

Getting Help

If you or someone you know is experiencing financial hardship, various benefits and resources are available to assist. GigSmart, a staffing company, connects hiring businesses with skilled job seekers. They have established an Unemployment Resource Center. This center provides comprehensive information on filing for unemployment benefits, exploring health insurance options, and accessing other resources related to job loss. The resources are organized by state, making it easier for individuals to find the specific benefits and assistance available in their area.

Help is available

  • A comprehensive site for finding federal, state, and local programs and assistance. It includes a Benefit Finder to help identify eligible programs for food, health insurance, housing, and more.
  • USAGov’s Government Benefits Page: Offers information on government programs that help with expenses like food, housing, health care, etc. Covers assistance such as SNAP, housing help, and utility bill assistance.
  • USAGov’s Unemployment Benefits Page: Provides details about unemployment insurance, application processes, and eligibility rules, with state-specific information.
  • U.S. Department of Labor Blog: Discusses the implementation of new unemployment insurance programs and expansions of existing programs, including information about the American Rescue Plan.

Accessing Other Benefits

Accessing additional benefits related to unemployment can significantly ease the financial strain during periods of joblessness. Many unemployment resource centers offer a gateway to these benefits, providing comprehensive information and assistance. These centers can guide you through the process of applying for extended unemployment benefits, healthcare subsidies, and food assistance programs like SNAP. They also often have resources for career counseling, job training programs, and job placement services.

Utilizing unemployment resource centers offers immediate assistance in meeting basic needs and provides long-term support through tools and opportunities for re-entering the workforce. These centers serve as an invaluable support system, guiding you through the complexities of unemployment benefits and related services.

Gain control over your thoughts and emotions

Being unemployed can take its toll on your ability to keep a clear mind and maintain a positive mindset as time goes by. It can lead to feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and depression, which can make the job search process even more challenging. There are various stages to unemployment, from the early enthusiasm and optimism that it will only be a matter of weeks before you secure an offer to the sort of inner turmoil that can take hold when none of those expected doors open for you.

Long-term unemployment can happen for a whole variety of viable reasons and it often takes a change of approach or attitude in order to try and break the cycle and secure that long-awaited job offer.Click To Tweet

To avoid a downward spiral during long-term unemployment, recognize the stages and try mixing up your job search approach. Find ways to enjoy life outside of job hunting to maintain a positive outlook.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Another easy trap to fall into would be to dwell on past mistakes and missed opportunities as somehow being the reason you find yourself long-term unemployed.

The trick is to take time to reflect on what you could do differently to improve your job prospects without paying any importance to past negative experiences. Work out what you can do to improve yourself going forward and leave the past behind you.

Keep up a routine

One of the key aspects of regular employment is adhering to a daily and weekly routine. Losing this structure is a common challenge when unemployed, as the need to leave the house regularly diminishes. To counter this, it’s important to stay as busy and productive as possible. Maintaining a regular routine not only helps in keeping your mindset positive but also prepares you for when you are called for an interview. A structured schedule can foster a sense of purpose and momentum, essential for navigating the period of unemployment effectively.

Don’t be afraid to network

It can also feel a bit awkward approaching past colleagues and contacts, especially when you are no longer talking to them in the same capacity as before, but reaching out to people you know and trust could really help.

They might be able to arrange an introduction or could at least impart some useful information or tips that you could use to your advantage.

Long-term unemployment is a cycle that you can and will break at some point soon and that is the way to approach a chapter in your life that you would probably like to close as quickly as possible.


Overcoming long-term unemployment can be a challenging and stressful process, but it is not impossible. By following the strategies outlined in this article, such as staying positive, networking, improving skills, and exploring new opportunities, you can increase your chances of finding meaningful employment. Remember to take care of yourself and seek support from family, friends, or professional resources if needed. Keep in mind that each individual’s journey is unique, and the key is to stay persistent, adaptable, and proactive in your job search efforts. With patience, determination, and a bit of luck, you can successfully overcome long-term unemployment and achieve your career goals.

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