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Leveraging Diversity Networks in your Job Search

No matter who you are, there is probably some diversity network that applies to you. As an example: Age diversity (over 40), working mothers, women, Hispanic, Native Americans, etc.). Today’s post will focus diversity networks in your job search.

  • The 100 Best Companies for Working Mother – This list, from, provides a list of 100 companies that are great for working mothers. The site lists these companies in alphabetical order and provides background on the methodology as well as a llink to Best in Class. Click on any of the companies to view a summary page on that company (like why it is good for working mothers) as well as a link to the company’s website.
  • 50 Best Companies for Latinas – This list for Latinos is provided by Latina Style. The page lists those companies that received Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze status as well as a listing of the Companies of the Year on the right hand side of the page. Click on any of the companies and you will be led directly to their career page. There are other links the top of the page for other lists.
  • Workforce Diversity Network –  This site provides career opportunities for workforce diversity positions. In the middle of the page is a listing of employers along with a list of the jobs they have or a link to their career sites.
  • – The tag line on this search engine is “Largest Diversity Job Board Online”. According to the site, there are over 550,000 active diversity jobs. You can post your resume on this site or just do a search. There is a quick search on the right hand side of the page, followed by a listing of Community Channels. In the center section are Featured Jobs and to the right of this is a listing of Hot Jobs. Click on Search to leverage the advance search engine.
  • – This is another Diversity Job Search engine. The main page has a very simple interface (what and where). After you enter the basic information, a more detailed job engine is available along with the listing of jobs from your fist search. Clicking on any of the jobs will lead to a full job description and the ability to apply directly for the job.

Good luck in your search.

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