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Are You Willing to Learn and Play Guitar like a Pro?

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To say that music is an integral part of our life wouldn’t be wrong. People have always connected their souls with different types of music. There are different classes of music to support any type of mood like happiness, sad, angry, furious, and the rest. Some people only love to listen to music while others have a desire to learn the various types of musical instruments. It has been mostly seen that people love to play the guitar.

Not everyone who learns can play guitar. You must be a pro to be called a “Guitarist”.

Scientifically proven methods to learn playing guitar faster

Sometimes, people fall short of ideas to learn new things in no time. Learning guitar is a practice that needs to be done daily and there are some ways given by experts to learn playing guitar faster and easier. These ways are:

Practice makes a man perfect. The guitar is a complex instrument and if you do not practice it regularly, you will lose your progress. Do make a habit of playing the guitar at least once a day.Click To Tweet

1. Practice in the ideal learning atmosphere-

It is very crucial to maintain an ideal learning environment to learn guitar or anything new. Various factors contribute to achieving that. Such as-

  • Low sound
  • Temperature
  • Layout
  • Plants

2. Workout and train regularly-

Practice makes a man perfect. The guitar is a complex instrument and if you do not practice it regularly, you will lose your progress. Do make a habit of playing the guitar at least once a day.


3. Realize your Chronotype and practice accordingly-

A Chronotype is the ability of a person to sleep at a specific time in a 24-hour long day. Some people are early birds and some are night owls. In a study done in Toronto, it has been proved that a person’s chronotype decides his/her ability to learn something new. Ideally, it is suggested that you should practice something new twice a day.

stay healthy

4. Meditate-

Meditation is the solution for anything that takes time to get learned. Doing meditation while learning guitar is very effective as it increases brain activity in attention tasks i.e attention span. It calms down your nerves resulting in lowering down the anxiety. It is a great tool to help in achieving something new and unique.

5. Chew gum-

Does it sound interesting? Yes, it might sound like that. According to a study, it has been seen that chewing gum increases the blood flow in your brain. In addition to that, it also reduces anxiety, improves alertness, and reduces stress.

6. A good sleep-

Good and quality sleep has always been a key factor in learning something new. Sometimes, people think that staying up at night and practicing will help but no, it won’t. Instead of waking up late, practice for some minutes, and then get a good amount of sleep. It is mandatory for every individual as suggested by experts across the globe.

7. Enjoy the Dopamine high-

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that gives you a feeling of pleasure when you do something according to your desires. Once you start enjoying this high, you will become addicted to playing the guitar. Increased Dopamine will push you to improve yourself daily.

8. Listen to music while taking a nap-

Getting sleep is important but listening to music will do more good. It has been seen in a study that listening to music when sleeping will promote memory stabilization. It will help you remember the things you learned more effectively. It will boost your memory to retain your musical understanding much more than before.

9. Test yourself-

Without giving a test you will never know where you stand. You can test yourself in many ways. For an instance-

  • Go for a simple fingerpicking pattern
  • Set up a metronome to a tempo you are comfortable with
  • Play the pattern consistently at this tempo
  • Start increasing the tempo by small increments until you reach your maximum speed

Another way to test your playing speed is repertoire. According to musicians, the best way is to test the things which could be measured easily such as- speed, repertoire, theory, accuracy, and listening skills.

10. Use multiple media sources-

You can reproduce what you are learning in a variety of ways. Teachers suggest that students must bring a notebook and a phone to note down the things they learned. Moreover, on the phone, they can record what the teacher is playing. In these ways, the students can retain things much better and for a longer period. If you are wishing to learn guitar more effectively then do visit Sloan school of music for private guitar lessons. They also make you learn via different media sources.


Learning guitar could be a fun activity and at the same time, it heightens your cognitive skills. These ways will surely help you in becoming a master in guitar. Go for these ways and recommend them to other music enthusiasts as well.

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